1. taalvolcano1754

    Britannic Motor Launches

    A contemporary publication describing in good detail the motor launches used on Britannic.
  2. Jason D. Tiller

    News Inside the London flat with decor that inspired the Titanic’s VIP dining room to rent for £15k per month

    The entire restaurant in the original building was copied on board the ill-fated Titanic, from the decor to the place settings.
  3. I

    1920s & 30s Public Rooms

    I noticed that Olympic received a number of changes throughout her career. I'm curious as to what her Tourist-Third class dining room, lounge & smoke room would've looked like and the design for the rooms. Also, curious about the 3rd class' rebuild general room/lounge and smoke room on D Deck...
  4. JJAstorII

    Details of furniture and fixtures

    I find it super odd that of all the witness testimony nothing ever came up about the decor of the Titanic and how it differed from the Olympic. I mean obv. this wasn't a concern in the initial years of investigating the disaster, but surely years down the road people would've been curious and...
  5. Charlotte

    Titanic Door Hardware

    Hi, Does anyone know who the Titanic builders bought their door hardware (door, door frame, hinge, and knobs / levers) from? I'm specifically interested in the doors that the first through third classes would have interacted with regularly (dining areas, rooms, bathrooms, etc.). Was it Bricard...
  6. D

    Interior cabins style

    I'd like to know the interior cabins style. For example, I read the C95 cabin, interior, was decorated in A style (Louis XV inspiration) I don't know if this datum is true. Thanks
  7. D

    B60 cabin decor

    Was not the cabin B60 decorated in georgian style ? I believed that yes and I was completely sure. Now, I am confused. Please, help me
  8. B

    Elevator Decor

    According to Titanic: The Ship Magnificent Vol. 1, the elevators had glass ceilings with a cut glass bowl electorlier. Did the elevators actually have glass ceilings? I could hardly imagine 1st class passengers wanting to look up and see a bare elevator shaft full of electrical cables!
  9. A

    Decor of Stateroom B70

    Would anyone have an idea of the style of this room? In Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, the room is depicted as being Old Dutch style. Were the designers right or not? Thanks, Adam
  10. A

    Decor of forward BDeck cabins

    Would anyone happen to know if these cabins where luxurious or plainly decorated. Just as an example, Molly Brown is listed in allocations as occupying B-2, 4, or 6. I assumed that because of her wealth that she had an elegant room, but the photo on this thread had me wondering...
  11. S

    Room Decor On Decks

    Hey All, Im working on a Cut Away picture of Titanic and its pretty detailed. As I understand the A deck rooms were plain rooms with white paneling and the lower ones were more ornate. Can any of you guys narrow anything down for me? Thanks Sahand
  12. T

    Decor style of big Piece cabins C79 and C81

    One thing about the "Big Piece" that has always left me puzzled was what was the likly style of decor for suites C-79 and C-81? In the shipbuilders book, there was an illustration of C-80 I beleive, which would have been on the opposite side of the ship... So what do you think? In what...
  13. R

    Decor of passageways

    Hey all, I was just wondering - what was the exact decor of the first-class cabin corridors? Were they as portrayed in Cameron's Titanic? Were they of the same decor on all first-class cabin decks? How were the second-class cabin corridors decorated? Appreciate your help. Best wishes! Richie.
  14. D

    Suite Decor

    What was the styles of rooms B 69, B 70? Are there any photos of those rooms? David
  15. N

    Decor of 1stclass BoatDeck Staterooms

    Hi, What would the Boat-Deck Staterooms interiors look like? Would they have been furnished the same style like the rest of the forward staterooms on the lower decks? Regards Nigel