1. B

    3rd class meal times

    Did each class eat their meals at the same time? I'm interested specifically in 3rd class. I know the meal times for 1st class, but can't find anything on 3rd class and so I wasn't sure if the times were for all classes or just 1st. Any insight is appreciated!
  2. R

    Missing persons at dinner in the saloon (table dynamics)

    Hi, I remember reading on here that allocated seating was provided for first class passengers in the saloon - requests could be made by passengers to the purser for preferences/changes to this and passengers tended to be placed in terms of common interest and nationality, etc. But, if some...
  3. John E. Marshall

    Dinner Plates

    In 2000, I had the privilege of visiting the Titanic Exhibition in Toronto. There I saw an exhibit compirising two plexiglass "towers" in which were plates from one of the Titanix's dining rooms. One plate was in pristine condition. The other was buckled and corroded. The difference between the...
  4. M

    Where did the officers eat?

    Hello all, I know that the ship's officers had their own mess as it were, but were they expected to eat in the first class dining saloon if they weren't on duty at the bridge? Did they act as hosts? Thanks, ~Matt
  5. C

    Crew dining area

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows where the victualling crew (stewards, cooks, etc.) ate? Did they use the passenger dinning rooms when the passengers were not eating? Thanks
  6. R

    Size of Stained-glass of 1st class Reception Room e Dining Room

    I just wondering if someone knows the size of the stained-glass windows in 1st class Reception Room and Dining Room?
  7. P

    Was Jack Thayer at the Wideners' Dinner Party

    I'm trying to figure out whether Jack Thayer attended the Wideners' dinner party with his parents on the night of the 14th. I know that the Carters' children were considered too young to attend, and probably had dinner in their stateroom that night. But it is conceivable that at 17, Jack might...
  8. O

    Where did the band eat

    Can anyone answer this question? I really wonder where the band, listed as 2nd class passengers, had their meals on the Titanic. I am sure that someone knows the answer
  9. S

    Midnight Snacks

    Hello all, I hope you are having a nice night. Well I am starting this thread because I was wondering something. Imagine This: You are a passenger on the Titanic and you wake up in the middle of the night. Your stomach is empty so u look for a snack. Where to look! I was wondering if...
  10. J

    Breakfast and lunch on Titanic

    Hello, I wonder what was the usual First Class breakfast and lunch compose of ? Was there buffets like in nowadays luxurious hotels (the ones I've been to anyways) ? Did the band played music for those occasions ? Cheers
  11. D

    Titanic Dinner Plates

    Good Morning All A few weeks back I was having a bit of a discussion in another thread with Inger about the Australian Titanic exhibition that was touring in 97/98. I remember seeing one case where there were quite a few "Gold & Cobalt Blue Dinner Plates" on display. Unfortunately Inger was...