1. R

    Unknown child Sidney Goodwin

    PLEASE NOTE: It has been 100% firmly established that the "Unknown child", formerly identified as Eino Panula, is actually SIDNEY GOODWIN. This has been verified by advanced DNA testing and an analysis of shoes removed from his body which were too big to be Eino's and of British manufacture NOT...
  2. M

    DNA analysis for Eino Viljami Panula

    hey everyone! I'm PROUD to be at BYU. Check this out: "Armed with this confirmation of the likely presence of dentin, the Parr-Ruffman team took the tooth to Brigham Young University in Utah where DNA was extracted and identified. The Unknown Child now had a name: Eino Viljami Panula, a...
  3. H

    Eino Panula Distant Relation To Sidney Goodwin

    I read a report of Eino's identification process, and the last two children they looked in to after the Palsson boy, were Eino and Sidney. They said that after finding out both boy's DNA, they discovered that the two shared similiar DNA on the mother's side. The researchers said it was not...
  4. L

    The Unknown Child

    Wow! ET has changed SO much while I was...gone. Anyways, finally I have time to post. Ok, I doubt the Unkown little boy was Eino Panula, aged 2. This is why: From Carpathia, a passenger saw a woman clutching a baby to herself in the water. Now, that may have been Alma Palsson with little Gosta...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Eino Viljami Panula

  6. D

    Unknown Child Positively Identified

    I only heard a small part of the world news tonight and heard something about the unknown child buried in Halifax was postively identified today through DNA samples. I thought that it was determined months ago that the results were inconclusive. What does anyone know about this?
  7. Kate Bortner

    DNA testing of unknown Recovered Bodies

    I saw an account on the Today Show that showed "scientists" excavating the graves of three bodies recovered from the Titanic. Apparently the first two that they dug up were too badly water damaged (duh!)to run any DNA test. The third was the small child. (possibly Ms. Paulsson's?) No word on...