1. M

    Legacy of BRITANNIC video

    About five years ago I put together a little video on HMHS BRITANNIC, not just on our 2015-2016 dives to this majestic wreck, but also to learn more about the history of this vessel, including construction, sinking, and early exploration. In doing so, I talked to some fascinating people...
  2. Cam Houseman

    "Drain the Britannic"

    Hi Y'all. I recently learned there's a Documentary Series called "Lost Giants", and Britannic is one of them. Here's a clip; And here is the Link to the episode on Amazon (only thing I could find for it)...
  3. Cam Houseman

    Titanic: anatomy of a Disaster (1997)

    Hello Y’all. The 1997 special, “Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster”, is one of the first documentaries to explore the theory of Titanic’s “brittle” or “weak” iron. In the beginning, the narrator explains that to us. We get another animation, with Titanic: Adventure out of Time style graphics...
  4. Steven Christian

    Save the Titanic...Nat Geo Docu

    I watched this this evening. As best I can tell it first aired in 2019. It was actually better than I was expecting. Learned a few things I didn't know mostly dealing with maritime law. I've never met Dr. Ballard other than seeing him speak at the 2012 events in Belfast. I would like to ask him...
  5. Seumas

    A Bit of Nostalgia - "In Search of The Titanic" & "Secrets and Mysteries - The Titanic"

    Found these two old short documentaries recently. One was made a few years before the wreck was found and the other a couple of years afterwards. There is precisely nothing ground breaking contained in them and they get quite a number of things completely wrong but I suppose in fairness they...
  6. G

    Titanic: The New Evidence

    I've been a lurker here for a long time. Currently watching this documentary on Channel 4 here in the U.K. I don't know what to make of this at all. Anyone else watching or planning to watch this?
  7. J

    Justin Zimmerman, The Titanic of Southampton

    Personal website. The Titanic of Southampton available for free here: bricker-down productions The DVD, with 40 minutes of extras, can be found here: Bricker-Down Productions by BrickerDown
  8. T

    The best of the least known documentaries

    Does anybody have any documentaries of the Titanic that they really like or enjoy, but is not very well-known outside of general public? There's one that was included in a DVD release of Titanic: The Complete Story that's called Beyond Titanic. It was narrated by Victor Garber, and it talked...
  9. TitanicUniverseHistorianJax

    Titanic: The Shocking Truth

    Hi All my Fellow Titanic buffs and historians! This is my first post, I just joined and my name is Jackie, but I go by Jax. I just posted a review on the Titanic Universe website, of the documentary called Titanic: The Shocking Truth. The documentary has proof that it was the Olympic that went...
  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic and Me with Len Goodman

    First episode tonight of this primetime documentary series on BBC1, and it's a great job so far. A fresh approach and some good interviews. While Len is an engaging and involving presenter. The episode tonight packs a emotional punch so far so lacking in 'Downton on Sea'.
  11. Sally@Hichens

    Titanic Programmes on TV in UK

    Inside the Titanic, Channel 5, Thurs 22 March, 8pm. This programme concentrates on what went on below decks in the ship's massive machine rooms where crew battled to stop the ship sinking. This powerful docudrama tells some of these compelling untold stories. Titanic and Me. This programme...
  12. K

    Daniel Marvin Titanic footage "recovered and acquired

    "Biograph has recovered and acquired the actual film images taken aboard the Titanic, believed to have been taken by Marvin." - How on Earth is this possible?