1. Machala Jakub

    Covered keyhole cover

    Hi, I would like to ask for your help. Did keyholes have covered keyhole cover on doors between staterooms on B and C deck? It's not obvious from the H&W photos. Thank you very much for the answers.
  2. Charlotte

    Titanic Door Hardware

    Hi, Does anyone know who the Titanic builders bought their door hardware (door, door frame, hinge, and knobs / levers) from? I'm specifically interested in the doors that the first through third classes would have interacted with regularly (dining areas, rooms, bathrooms, etc.). Was it Bricard...
  3. H

    Revolving door

    Might i point out that the plan for A deck on this site seems to omit the revolving door situated 3/4 along the corridor connecting the forward 1st class entrance & the 1st class lounge. There were two of these doors on A deck, the other being aft, between the portside palm court/verandah, &...
  4. M

    Gangway doors

    Hello all, I have been looking at the deck plans here and pictures on the The Wreck of RMS Titanic website and still need help with a question I have. In regards to all of Titanic's gangway doors, where are they all located (with noting what room/area) a person would be in once entering...