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  1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Watch Titanic Survivor Dorothy Gibson in rare 1912 film

    You are invited to a very special screening of "The Lucky Holdup" starring Titanic Survivor Dorothy Gibson. The 8-minute fragment discovered in 2001 is all that survives of the film made in March 1912, a month before Dorothy and her mother sailed aboard the Titanic. Join the group to take part...
  2. Ryan Burns

    Dorothy Gibson cameo?

    I think this lively young lady entertaining a group of people is supposed to represent Dorothy Gibson judging by her personality and outfit, which matches what she actually wore that night. Gibson went up to the boat deck with her mother and two men, William Sloper and Frederick Seward. I think...
  3. N

    Dorothy Gibson Insurance Claim

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me track down the original source for the insurance claim made by Dorothy Gibson found at this link: I see there is a date, but no publication information. Any help...
  4. R

    Dorothy Gibson movie found

    No, not the one you think! But one of Dorothy Gibson’s films has been located and is now undergoing conservation by the American Film Institute. While confirmation of its condition is preliminary and its future availability status has not been determined, the survival of this one-reel motion...
  5. D

    Just Who Was Dorothy Gibson

    I am just using Dorothys name as an example. Everyone who posts here knows that she was a silent screen star who starred in the lost film "Saved From The Titanic". My point is, its hard to imagine someone in the general public not knowing who this lady was. However, ask someone around you who...
  6. G

    Dorothy GibsonNazi

    I just finished reading Phil Gowan and Brian Meister's Titanic Research Article about the Gibson women and have to say that I'm amazed at what I read. And Pauline, that "old wretch from Hoboken" really looks like a Nazi. A great article guys!
  7. S

    Ms Dorothy Gibson

    Howcome Ms. Gibson never made any more movies after "Saved from the Titanic"? She had started her acting career only the year before. Was her career ruined after making this movie so soon after the disaster or did she have another reason for leaving the filming industry?
  8. Phillip Gowan

    The Wrecks of the Brulatours

    (Taken from the New York Times, 23 April 1915, page 19 Column 3) WANTS HER INCOME ASSURED * * * Mrs. Brulatour, Separated From Husband, Would Force Him to Buy Insurance Application was made yesterday to Supreme Court Justice Giegerich by Mrs. Isabelle Brulatour to compel her...
  9. J

    Dorothy Gibson Harrison Fisher Girl

    Doing research on Dorothy Gibson. It is stated on page 56 of the book "Woman and Children First" that she was a model for Harrison Fisher. The illustration on the page is of her By Harrison Fisher. Is this true?
  10. N

    Dorothy Gibson

    Does anyone have information on the exact date and location of birth for Dorothy W. Gibson? I have so far been unable to come across this information in books or on the internet. Information about her mother Pauline Boeson Gibson would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nathan
  11. G

    Dorothy Gibson

    Someonw wrote that the movie star Dorothy Gibson died on Feburary 20, 1946 but her biography here says she died on Febuary 17. Which one is right?