1. M

    The most accurate portrayal of Mr Andrews in the movies?

    Hi all. There has been a lot of Titanic movies, which included Thomas Andrews, or, should I say in a polite way, Mr Andrews. There were some as well,where Andrews was omitted, but that is not the subject of this poll. Which movie offered in your opinion the most accurate portrayal of...
  2. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic (ITV Drama Miniseries TV Review)

    Monica Hall reviews the first episode of Julian Fellowes new fourpart drama Titanic... Titanic Review Tue, 27 Mar 2012 Read more... More...
  3. Alex Clark

    Titanic film on ITV1

    Awful. Don't bother with part two. On the other hand there was a very good view of earthshine on the crescent moon tonight. Very nice.
  4. R

    Upstairs Downstairs

    Hey all, has anyone ever seen the "Upstairs, Downstairs" episode where Lady Marjorie Bellamy travels aboard and goes down with the Titanic. Can those of you who have seen it tell me whether the episode was actually set on the ship or was it set in Eaton Place when the devastating news reached...