dvd and blu-ray

  1. M

    TITANIC Descriptive Theater Version VHS

  2. P

    Best dvd for wreck footage

    What dvd can I buy that has the maximum amount of good quality wreck footage? I get tired of the same few shots of the bow over and over in every documentary. Thanks
  3. Dan Kappes

    Titanic Movies on Blu-Ray

    Most of the Titanic films ever made are now available on Blu-Ray, where the picture is really clean and high-definition. Do you think the Blu-Ray releases of the 1943, 1953, and 1997 Titanic films and 1958's A Night to Remember give much better quality to those films than they originally had...
  4. Dan Kappes

    ANTR on TV or streaming services?

    The 1997 film does air often on TV and is available on several streaming online services like Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon, but does anyone know if this film is? This film should be viewed by a great many more people in my opinion; it's still superior to the 1997 film.
  5. Dan Kappes

    Special features in 3-disc DVD and Blu-Ray

    The 7 featurettes and the Fox TV Special Breaking New Ground which are on the third disc of the 2005 Special Collector's Edition DVD set of the movie are not included on the 2012 Blu-Ray's special features. Why weren't they included? Was it an issue of space because some new documentaries and...
  6. Dan Kappes

    Why is the cover art on the Blu-Ray case different in the UK and US?

    The UK cover has a more optimistic light cover, with Jack and Rose in the flying scene from the first part of the movie, the romance part, while the US cover shows a pessimistic dark scene; Jack and Rose are holding onto each other at the stern's fantail at the top of the picture and the bottom...
  7. Dan Kappes

    Will James Cameron's 1997 film be released on 4K Blu-Ray?

    It's already on 3D Blu-Ray and regular Blu-Ray, but do you think it will ever be released on 4K Blu-Ray? And do you think it would look great in 4K? When I saw it in December 2017 when it was briefly re-released in theaters for its 20th anniversary in Dolby Vision, it looked spectacular, almost...
  8. Dan Kappes

    Why is the documentary film Beyond Titanic only on the DVD and not the Blu-Ray of the 1953 film?

    Does it have something to do with copyrights or other legal jargon? Or was there not enough space on the Blu-Ray?
  9. sam1980

    White Star Original home video on ebay

    New footage of Nomadic. Incredible 16mm footage. This is my auction. Not trying to spam you folks. Lots of pics. 1920's HOME MOVIE WHITE STAR LINES BELGENLAND NOMADIC TITANIC OLYMPIC ORIGINAL | eBay
  10. Arun Vajpey

    Best book and DVD about the collision and sinking

    I wanted to ask the best book that deals with the events leading up to, the actual event and the aftermath of the tragic collision between the Stockholm and Andrea Doria. I have just ordered Richard Goldstein's "Desperate Hours" based on reader's reviews but if there are any others, please let...
  11. J

    The Titanic of Southampton DVD

    With 40 minutes of extras here: Bricker-Down Productions by BrickerDown
  12. J

    Justin Zimmerman, The Titanic of Southampton

    Personal website. The Titanic of Southampton available for free here: bricker-down productions The DVD, with 40 minutes of extras, can be found here: Bricker-Down Productions by BrickerDown
  13. E

    A Night To Remember On Blu-Ray

    I received the new Criterion Blu-Ray version of ANTR, and the result is an impressive upgrade over the previous release. The transfer is outstanding and this time the sequence snipped in the previous release of the "British" version (but which was included in the American version released on...
  14. Jim Cooley

    Netflix Electric Edwardians 1900

    Ran across this on Netflix and thought you guys might appreciate it. Mostly 1901-1904. Quality is great. You can spend hours poring over freeze-frames looking at fashions, ads (Bovril!) and people. There's also a little movie aboard some Cunard ship of the era...
  15. R

    Cunard 3 Queens Rendezvous DVD w TITANIC Wreath Ceremony

    I am pleased to announce the official release of my new Maritime Documentary DVD "Three Queens - An International Rendezvous" which is a tribute and historical record of several recent monumental events in the history of the Cunard Ocean Liners Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth 2 and the new Queen...
  16. S

    A Night To Remember

    I have ANTR on DVD and after I replaced my DVD player with a new one the movie no longer plays. This is the Criterion Collection version and I have had it for years. Does anyone know if this movie will be re-released on DVD anytime soon in a better format?
  17. M

    New Discovery Triple Pack DVD In UK

    Anyone know what's included on this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Titanic/dp/B000N6TZFC/ref=sr_1_7/203-1434172-7532732?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1173954840&sr=1-7
  18. J

    Raise The Titanic DVD 2007 UK ReRelease

    Lew Grade's 1980 movie Raise The Titanic is due for a re-package and re-released in the U.K on the 30th 2007. As of yet, I cannot confirm if the package will contain any other material other than the film.
  19. S

    Titanic adventure out of time DVD

    TITANIC:ADVENTURE OUT OF TIME COLLECTORS EDITION DVD Interactive Menu Languages:English,French,German and Polish Subtitles:English,French,German and Polish Scene Selection:Select your game that you saved so that you can start where you left off. Mono,Dolby Surround 2.0 and 5.0...
  20. A

    Danish Atlantis 1913 DVD release

    For the past six months I have been writing to the Danish Film Institute (DFI) being very impatient. Their release of the old silent movie "Atlantis" from 1913 was postponed several times. But now it is finally here - I just received my copy with the mail yesterday. The film is not about the...