1. ShiroHeisenberg

    Bed styles on the D and E Deck cabins?

    I've seen a thread which shows the style of beds and panelling in the A, B and C Deck cabins, however I haven't seen any info on the D and E Deck cabins ( For E-Deck so far I've only seen Molly Brown's cabin which has a brass bed ) So, which bed style was on the D and E Deck cabins?
  2. M

    E Deck Features

    Along the length of Scotland Road, the plans show several "Portable Plate for Shipping Furnaces" located at intervals down the corridor. What were these? Also, a number of second class cabins (for example, E100, E103, etc.) have an odd, criss-crossed feature just inboard of the porthole - what...
  3. Cam Houseman

    Gates on E-Deck by the First/Second Class Flex cabins

    Hi Y'all, I was wondering what these gates Looked like on E-Deck by the Alternative First/Second Class cabins on E-Deck. They'd be closed if Second Class passengers occupied those flex cabins. But I think they weren't on Titanic's maiden voyage. (using Olympic's August 1912 plans because...
  4. Cam Houseman

    Access to E-Deck: what are some entry ways, and some known Blockages?

    Hi Y'all. There are multiple access points to E-Deck. Including hallways across from Scotland Road, and forward, under the Third Class Open Space (see my Bow images thread for pictures of it) why not explore the trimmers and firemen's bunks? Maybe a chance to see the Fireman's Spiral stairs...
  5. R

    First Class E Deck Cabins and the poor stewardess' legs

    Hi, Upon looking at the E deck plans with the cabin allocations, it is evident that many passengers are placed almost sporadically. One would think that it would have been a hell of a lot easier for the poor stewardesses to have had most, if not all of the passengers placed closer together...
  6. Kareen Healey

    Error from the British Commission upon D-Deck ?

    Hello everyone, I was reading the testimony of F. CARRUTHERS (British Commission of Inquiry) and I'm confused with TITANIC's bridges : at question 29345, Edwards talks about "Upper Deck" as "D-Deck". But some sources (like the book "Ship of a Dream" and "On a Sea of Glass" -- which is for me...
  7. R

    Cordoning off first class in E deck

    With regards to condoning off the E deck grand staircase landing, elevators and the first class four berth cabins, I can see the dashes on the deck plans to show where this would occur. But how exactly would these areas be cordoned off to separate second class? Would this have been by use of...
  8. Charles Francis Dowling

    Titanic 1997 Grand Staircase Film Set E Deck

    I know that the grand staircase in the movie was a copy, but bigger than the original, but I only remember seeing the grand staircase down to D Deck and the elevators to E Deck. I do remember a little of the grand staircase double trace, but I was not sure why they didn't film that section of...
  9. R

    Forward Grand Staircase at E-deck questions

    I regularly consult the deck plans on E. Titanica when I'm navigating my role-playing game character about the ship. I've noted that the layout of the forward Grand Staircase at E-deck is different than it's layout from D-deck on up to the Boat Deck level. Why was that? What did the forward...