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  1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Edith Rosenbaum's Account of the Titanic Sinking

    Published a year after the Titanic went down, survivor Edith Rosenbaum Russell’s first extensive account of her experiences in the disaster is seldom read today. With an introduction by Randy Bigham, Encyclopedia Titanica makes Edith’s detailed and emotional story available online for the first...
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    Edith Rosenbaum (Russell) Lucky Pig

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    Edith Russell Article An ET Research Plea

    Dear ET Message Board Members and Friends, Over the last year my main research focus has shifted from my proposed book on "Lucile" (now thankfully re-agented)to an in-depth article on Edith Rosenbaum Russell. The amount of source material that has accumulated for this piece has been more...
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    Edith Russell

    The article I've been working on re: Edith Rosenbaum, later Russell, is coming along nicely. My thanks to George Behe, Michael Poirier and others who've been helping me with this. I'm waiting for a few pictures to come in - including 2 from the Library of Congress Prints Dept - to go along...
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    Edith Russell had two cabins!

    I have been reading from two sources (I'm not sure if I can trust them, though) that Miss Edith Russell had a second cabin only for the dresses she was bringing in New York, in the vicinity of her own stateroom, A11. The first of my sources is Charles Pellegrino's book, and the second is a...