1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Olympic & Titanic : The Electrical Equipment

    Description of electrical arrangements on the Olympic and Titanic including powergeneration telephones etc.... The Shipbuilder Wed, 00 Jun 1911 http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/the-electrical-equipment.html
  2. Jessie M.

    Salt Water, Electrocution, or a Snapped wire?

    So I've been caught between three rather fascinating theories here folks. We all remember the gentlemen from Cameron's film who was down in the engine room towards the end of the film, right? Upon trying to flip one of the switches back on (I'm assuming it was exposed somewhere) he is...
  3. Jessie M.


    So one thing I've noticed in quite a few representations of the sinking - A Night to Remember and James Cameron's Titanic being two of them - is that during scenes of the engine room that depict the later stages of the sinking the switches shut off by themselves and thus the engineers repeatedly...
  4. Oliver K

    Titanic's Electrical System

    Hello! I have read many an article on Titanic's electrical systems but i still have some questions. First question, if Titanics electrical system was the single-wire system, using the ships hull as a return path, is it safe to assume that all circuits, tapped off of the main switchgear end at...
  5. Oliver K

    Detailed schemetics of the ships electrical system, hydraulic system, and steam lines?

    Hi, New here, been interested in Titanic for a very long time now, been learning a lot about it, but i just realised that i don't have any good blueprints or schematics of the electrical system, Hydraulic system (Power Steering, Telemotor) and Steam lines. Is there any schematics out there? I'm...
  6. N

    When did Britannic's lights go out?

    I've not been able to find any information on the topic of when Britannic's lights went out/electrical system failed during the sinking.
  7. A

    How did the engine room start to flood before that compartment was submerged?

    For the last 20 minutes of the tragic disaster, and about the Morse code messages sent to nearby ships on April 15th 1912. The last few messages sent to the nearby ships were as follows: "CQD, SOS. MGY (titanic) to all stations. Engine room flooded up to the boilers" And: "CQD, SOS. MGY to all...
  8. Z

    Electrical system flow chart

    hello, I drew a flow chart which shows a diagram of the electrical generation plant of the Titanic. If anyone thinks is wrong or it could be improved .. I'm here.
  9. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Letter from Titanic Electrical Engineer William Kelly to Jim Dempsey

  10. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Letter from Titanic Electrical Engineer William Kelly to his mother

  11. J

    Gym Equipment and Kitchen Electrical Appliances

    Does anyone know the location of any of the original gym equipment from the Titanic, Olympic or even the recreated gym equipment from the movie? Also, I'd love to find out more about any electrical kitchen appliances from the kitchens of the Titanic or Olympic that are in exhibitions/home...
  12. R


    How well was Titanic lit. Is the lighting accurate in movies like Titanic (1997)? Or would it of been darker? Would the Grand staircase, and the Dinning Saloon be darker then portrayed?
  13. J

    Electrical Features of the Queen Mary

    Perhaps this has been answered elsewhere, but I haven't found it: What was the original electrical voltage aboard the QM? If I remember correctly, the Titanic's was at about 100v DC. I was very surprised to learn this, and so I wonder if that was a standard (for ships) at the time? Did the...
  14. D

    Titanic's electricity

    looking for someone who is very good at the Titanic's wiring, switches, breakers, Etc. What i want to know is if Titanic could have used her deck lights and other exteior lights as one big morse lamp. Thanks, Dave [Moderator's notes: 1. This post, originally posted in another topic...
  15. M

    Electric lights

    Ok I have heard over and over that portholes have been seen lit underwater. Well im taking on a project of modeling a diorama and was curious if the lights would have went out once water hit them or if they would have kept burning.
  16. J

    Early electrical appliances in ships

    I was doing some research into Campania recently and it got me interested in the early application of electricity in ships. I found out lots of things, but one of things I could not determine was which was the first liner to have electric heaters in cabins? I know that the first heaters...
  17. Vicky Evans

    Electrical Engineer on Suevic in 1915

    I wonder if anyone could help me in my research into an Electrical Engineer on Suevic in 1915 called Douglas Buchanan. I am also wondering about how to find the passenger list in the same year? Any ideas please? Thanks! Vicky
  18. M

    Electricity / Water

    Here's a question about electric lights and contact with water. Was electrocution a problem as lights popped, leaving raw electrical connections, and their subsequent contact with water? I know the lights in general stayed on as long as possible (due to heroic stoker efforts). Thanks.
  19. M

    Electrical System

    I work at the L.A. Titanica exhibit. Two questions have been asked more than once by visitors, so I'm on to the mavens for assistance before giving out bad info. 1. Voltage, what was it? Shipbuilder Magazine lists 100 Volts in the chapter on the Olympic elect system, so I'm guessing that's...
  20. F

    Use of electricity for heating

    I wonder if anyone can explain the reason why the Titanic made such extensive use of electricity for space heating in its passenger areas when there was all that steam available from the boilers which could have been used instead? Was the choice influenced by the fact that electricity was...