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  1. HelenaWojtczak

    Pax transferred from the Oceanic to Titanic?

    Hi Is there a list of passengers booked on the Oceanic who were transferred to the Titanic? I've been working on a biography of survivors Elsie and Edith Bowerman for many years now, because of their connection to the suffrage movement. I'm now preparing to publish a book in which they will...
  2. Elsie Bowerman in 1932

    Elsie Bowerman in 1932

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    Elsie Bowerman Plaque

  4. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Elsie Bowerman: Feminist and Barrister

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    Elsie Bowerman Feminist and Barrister

    Just researching family history and trying to tie in Miss Elsie Bowerman and her mother Mrs.Edith Chibnall (Bowerman) into my family line. If anyone has any more info on the two would love to hear. Van L Bowerman Columbia Mo.