empress of ireland

  1. Cam Houseman

    Captain Henry Kendall’s actions

    So I enjoy branching out to other ships. Watched an Empress of Ireland documentary a couple months back, watched it again last night. It was “The Last Voyage of the Empress of Ireland” I think. I really enjoyed it! One thing that interested me was the collision between the Storstad and the...
  2. B

    Mrs. James Duffy

    There is a pretty reliable story in my family that my Grandfather's first wife was one of the unfortunate passengers that perished in the Empress of Ireland sinking. The passenger's name (3rd Class) is listed as "Mrs. James Duffy", but in other information I have seen it says "nee. Mary Ann...
  3. Itsstillthinking

    Journey to Oblivion: Empress of Ireland

    Thought it let people know that you can watch a really good Documentary on the Empress Of Ireland that was made a few years ago. It's one of the better Documentary that iv seen in recent years with no theory's or false facts but just telling the Story of the Empress with some awesome wreck footage!
  4. Charles

    Lusitania and Empress vs. Titanic

    I know that titanic sank after midnight, many first and second class passengers lived higher than steerage, and that titanic broke apart and sank for the trapped victims aboard who froze from hypothermia or drowned. Lusitania sank in less than 18 minutes in the afternoon of 1915 during ww1...