empress of ireland

  1. Milos Grkovic

    Rough Painting of the Empress of Ireland (post-collision)

    My first, but late piece that I did as a memorial to SS Empress of Ireland after the Storstad collided with her. I unfortunately rushed this one, hence no Storstad in the background, only her damage to Empress of Ireland...
  2. Cam Houseman

    Captain Henry Kendall’s actions

    So I enjoy branching out to other ships. Watched an Empress of Ireland documentary a couple months back, watched it again last night. It was “The Last Voyage of the Empress of Ireland” I think. I really enjoyed it! One thing that interested me was the collision between the Storstad and the...
  3. Michael C Brady

    Funnel topping colour

    Dear ET, I was hoping some of the Empress experts among you could help me out. I was wondering about the paintscheme of her funnels at the time of her sinking. I have variously seen the ship depicted as having funnels painted in all 'buff', as in the liners of Norddeutscher Lloyd, or with the...
  4. B

    Mrs. James Duffy

    There is a pretty reliable story in my family that my Grandfather's first wife was one of the unfortunate passengers that perished in the Empress of Ireland sinking. The passenger's name (3rd Class) is listed as "Mrs. James Duffy", but in other information I have seen it says "nee. Mary Ann...
  5. Itsstillthinking

    Real-Time Empress Of Ireland Sinking

    Since the Lusitania animation is done i thought i start working on the Next and "Final" one with the Empress. This one will be very difficult as there is very little out there on the empress and the Lifeboat situation is even worse than the Lusitania. My hope is that if the Lusitania animation...
  6. Itsstillthinking

    Journey to Oblivion: Empress of Ireland

    Thought it let people know that you can watch a really good Documentary on the Empress Of Ireland that was made a few years ago. It's one of the better Documentary that iv seen in recent years with no theory's or false facts but just telling the Story of the Empress with some awesome wreck footage!
  7. Charles Francis Dowling

    Lusitania and Empress vs. Titanic

    I know that titanic sank after midnight, many first and second class passengers lived higher than steerage, and that titanic broke apart and sank for the trapped victims aboard who froze from hypothermia or drowned. Lusitania sank in less than 18 minutes in the afternoon of 1915 during ww1...
  8. J

    Empress of Ireland inquiry

    Saw this on Amazon and I'm seriously considering getting a copy. Was wondering if anyone here has read it. Seems like it could certainly be a useful research source. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1275491251/?tag=encyclopediatita
  9. M

    News from 1914: The sinking of Empress of Ireland

    MAB note: The material presented here appeared in two columns below the headline (which ran across the entire first page). The row of asterisks in this transcription separates the two columns, each of which also included articles naming passengers, not transcribed here. The Gazette...
  10. C

    Empress of Ireland Article in Times Colonist

    Last Sunday an article appeared on the Empress of Ireland in the Victoria Times Colonist. Here's the link enjoy! timescolonist.com/technology/Empress+Ireland+Retaining+memory+Canada+worst+marine+disaste r/6211554/story.html
  11. C

    Empress of Ireland spoon

  12. C

    Empress of Ireland Postcard postmarked May 1914

    I just bought an Empress of Ireland postcard postmarked Montreal May 27, 1914 the day before she set sail on her final voyage! It says in part, Will write you again from the boat. I couldnt see the rest of the writing from the picture of it that I saw. It should arrive in the mail this week so...
  13. C

    Anything from the Empress of Ireland

    Hi Everybody. I'm interested in adding to my collection as usual! I am interested in anything relating to the ship no matter how corroded, broken etc. I have some duplicate items and would trade or buy outright. Thanks! Chris
  14. C

    Empress of Ireland Postcard

    I was at a local antique shop thumbing through a big box of old postcards when I came accross a Empress of Ireland postcard.At the moment I didn't remember her story.I figured for $1 it was a fun find. I got home and looked the Empress up and read her story.I was looking at the card when I...
  15. C

    Empress of Ireland Diary

    I recently acquired a diary written on the Empress during voyage 27W in August of 1908. One interesting entry describes the crew of the Empress seeing a ship on fire throwing all its cargo overboard and then going to her assistance. It goes on to say that the fire was out before the Empress...
  16. C

    Empress of Ireland Glass Negative

    I recently found a glass negative of the Empress docked. I believe it is an unknown image which is in great condition. I'm having some minor restoration work done and should have an 8x10 copy on Monday. I'm very excited to see how it turns out.
  17. C

    Empress of Ireland Menu

    Has anyone ever seen one like this? Is it first Class? Any info. would be appreciated!
  18. H


    As I can't seem to find a decent survivor list anywhere on the Internet, can anyone list the child survivors (17 and under) of this shipwreck? I hear it was really tragic and only about 4 or 5 children out of over 100 survived. I know there was a little girl named Grace, but who else? Any names...
  19. T

    Empress of Ireland Items

    I have a silver finger bowl from the wreck of the Empress of Ireland wreck i aquired from wreck diver Bart malone. Great shape, has canadian pacific railway markings. Comes with COA Asking $500 or best offer contact me offlist if interested... tarn Stephanos
  20. C

    Empress of Ireland

    The R.M.S Empress Of Ireland sank on May 27 1914