1. Cam Houseman

    How did they lower the Reciprocating Engines, Turbines, and other machinery into Titanic?

    Hi y'all. Hope you're having a good day. I've always been wondering how they managed to low and fit, or move the Engines, Boilers, and other machinery into her hull, while she was being constructed. Weren't the uptakes for the funnels too small? Cargo Hatches as well? And, it'd be pretty comical...
  2. D

    Reversing Engines, Unfair Criticism of Officer Murdoch

    My interest in the Titanic goes back to when I was a child. I saw either Titanic(1953) or A Night to Remember and took an interest in the ship. I would ask my father questions about it and whenever I did that he would direct me to the library to go find out about it. This was in the early...
  3. Sec'

    LP valve balance pistons

    I've seen pistons fitted on top of the valves on the LP cylinders. They're on the Brittanic's piston valves, but also shown on a photo of Titanic's slide valves. I guess they're for balancing but can't see why, especially for slide valves. Anyone have any ideas???
  4. Mike Bull2019

    The engines...what colour?!

    Hello everyone...this might seem a daft question, but I was curious about what colour the engine castings were likely to have been painted? You see similar surviving steam engines and they are often painted colours like gloss dark or light green, with a lot of red parts- hopefully you know the...
  5. Cian O'Reilly

    Titanic's Reciprocating Engines

    Hi All, This is my latest project...I'm working on the Titanic main Engines - these images show the latest progress...
  6. J

    Answered Where is the thrust block for the turbine's center shaft?

    I have looked through the profiles and deck plan and do not see the thrust block for the turbine's center shaft. I see the main engine thrust blocks plainly marked. The turbine must have a thrust block especially being a very sensitive piece of hardware. Usually the thrust block isn't built into...
  7. Oliver K

    Damage to the ship's engines?

    Hello, since the start of urgency after spotting the iceberg was very high, the engine room staff were called to put the engine in reverse, could the reverse procedure of been carried out so fast that damage occurred to the engines? For instance, before reversing, the valves for the Turbine...
  8. J

    What is the cold start-up sequence/procedure of Titanic?

    Does anyone know, or does anyone know where I can find out, how long it took to heat up the water (starting with cold water, and with empty furnaces) in Titanic's boilers and get a head of steam that could run the engines? I'm not talking about full steam pressure, but you know, kind of...
  9. Doug Criner

    Time for reversing

    There have been earlier posts about the time required to reverse a reciprocating marine steam engine. It seems like a couple of minutes, depending upon various factors, but several more minutes to bring the ship to a dead stop. What do we know about the time between when the bridge watch...
  10. L

    How did they stop the Titanic's power and propulsion system?

    Hi, My apologies if this question has been raised elsewhere on this forum. For a Masters of Engineering project, I'm researching the strategies used for starting and stopping the Titanic. I've already found plenty of information about the start-up process, but haven't found much at all on...
  11. R

    Engine crankcase dwg & accessories and steering engine?

    i want to make a 3 D model for the engine and need some good drawings showing the crankcase including how the stephenson linkage are installed on the engine ? did not relly find good dwg for this and need some with more informations! anyone has some good 2D or even 3D images showing this so...
  12. Jim Currie

    Titanic Engine running time from Noon on April 14th.

    The number of hours which Titanic's engines were running at full speed from Noon on April 14 to the moment she hit that iceberg and finally came to a halt is crucial to the understanding of Titanic's naviagtion errors i.e. why her wreck was found 12.5 miles short of her distress position. So...
  13. Scott Mills

    Titanic making way after collision

    Greetings all, I am a long time avid amateur Titanic historian. Well, not really, I do gobble up books on the subject but retain much less than I would like. In any regard, I was having a conversation with a friend, and fellow Titanic buff the other night about the centennial, which quickly...
  14. Z

    Reciprocating engine cylinder question

    Hello, I am modeling one of the reciprocating engines of Titanic in Autodesk Inventor, a school project for mechanics. So far I have made the base and supporting frame, and the crankshaft. Now I have come to the cylinders, but I'm facing a problem. The IP and LP cylinders seem to have 2...
  15. S

    Reversing Engines

    as a new member to the group, i feel compelled to inform everyone that i am not a historian, merely just another human being who has thankfully had his attention refocused to the events of 1912 thanks to the wonderful 1997 film..now with that being said,i would like to pose this question to...