1. D

    The Gangway Door

    Hey folks, been a long while since I've had the moments to check in,and and very happy to have found so much new information to sift through. I do have one question with respect to the models we have re the foundering; How much effect would the gangway doors being open have on the flooding...
  2. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
  3. Yourj Benig

    Third Class Main Entrance??

    I know that there are Gangway door on Forward E- deck...... Is that where the Third Class enters?? If not, where??? Most Third Class Passengers are on the stern of the ship... Where is the The Third Class entrance on the stern of the ship ??? Do they enter on second class' entrance? I'm...
  4. Yourj Benig

    Entrance on squash court

    I'm looking at the Titanic Deckplans and I don't see an entrance that leads to the squash court.. Where is the entrance on Squash Court???
  5. A

    Normandie's main entrance hall

    does anyone have any pictures or descriptions of the Normandie's main entrance hall (1st class) because the only decent photos of Normandie's interior is the dining saloon and pictures of the main entrance would be a great help.
  6. J

    Boat Deck object outside 2nd class main entrance

    Hi, I am building a Titanic mo Hi, I am building a Titanic model and I have finally seen the square object outside the boat deck 2nd class entrance on the starboard side under the forward arched window. It is drawn into the cut away illustration in Titanic an Illustrated History. I am sorry...
  7. P

    First class entrance

    Hi everybody! Could someone tell me if the gates (on B-deck) and the doors (to the decks(outside)) of 1st class entrance were closed at night? And if the lights were on from AM to PM? I know the 'butlers' who usually opened the gates and doors didn't do that in the middle of the night, but...
  8. M

    Gangway doors

    Hello all, I have been looking at the deck plans here and pictures on the The Wreck of RMS Titanic website and still need help with a question I have. In regards to all of Titanic's gangway doors, where are they all located (with noting what room/area) a person would be in once entering...
  9. D

    First Class Entrances

    Where did first class passengers enter Titanic?
  10. S

    Sideboard in first class entrance

    Hi, I read Ken Marshalls report on the Cameron exploration of the Titanic wreck last year. In it he mentions that they discovered first class china in the fallen sideboard in the starboard 1st class entrance on D-deck. Why would they store china in here? Did they lay the tables in the...
  11. N

    Second Class Entrance

    Hi all, Looking at photographs of Olympic in her later years, can anyone explain why there were additional deckhouses added on both sides of the second-class entrance on the boat-deck? Does anyone know what the purposes of these additional rooms were used for? There are photos of these added...
  12. N

    B and Ddeck firstclass entrance

    Hi everyone, I have got two questions about B and D-deck main entrances for the first-class passengers. On B-deck there is the entrance room which adjoins the foyer where the Grand Staircase is.These entrances rooms are on both sides of the foyer. These entrances rooms also adjoin to the...
  13. Y

    First Class Entrance or Officer's Quarters

    I hope I'm not horribly wrong about this or I will owe Phil Hind an apology, but I think one of the pictures of the wreck on this web site is incorrectly labeled. I think the one currently labeled "Entrance to Officer's Quarters" is wrong and should read, "First Class Entrance to Grand...