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  1. M

    Eva Hart on The Osgood File, 15 April 2016

    04/15/16 -7:25 AM — The Sinking of the Titanic Turns 104 | OSFIL-CM
  2. Sidsel C.

    Titanic children's book, based on survivor Eva Hart's account

    "Eva and Little Kitty on the Titanic" This is an adorable book for children ages 6 - 9 or those interested in realistic fiction. The story is based on Titanic survivor Eva Hart's account and includes 22 colorful illustrations. Check out these sites: Facebook: Eva and Little Kitty on the...
  3. W

    Autograph book signed by Eva Hart

    I recently acquired an autograph book signed by Eva Hart as "Auntie Eva". The books front cover is addressed as follows: "Miss P Sherman (I believe) 8, Hartland Road Hornchurch Essex" The book is in very good conditions with some wear from what looks like being pulled in and out of a...
  4. J

    Did Eva Hart claim to have met Captain Smith

    Hi I tend to remember reading some years back that Eva Hart claimed to have met captain smith and that he remarked on a doll she had ? I wonder if I am imagining reading this ? I have looked for some information about this on ET but have found nothing. Does anyone know about this story that...
  5. D

    Eva Harts Frog Collection

    Just curious, what started Eva Hart on her unusual hobby of collecting frogs?
  6. S

    Documentary with Eva Hart

    I'm looking for a documentary which I think was on TV sometime in the 1990's. (My grandfather recorded it for me years ago, and it got TAPED OVER by accident!) Anyhow, the thing I remember most is the footage of Eva Hart. I know Ms. Hart has appeared in quite a few film interviews, but this...
  7. M

    Which cabin was Eva Hart's & Lillian Asplunds

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew what cabin Eva Hart's family were in and also the Asplund's in 3rd Class. Thanks. Matt.
  8. Cathy Akers-Jordan

    Eva Hart photos

    I just returned from Chicago where I saw Titanic: the New Exhibition. It was wonderful; definitely worth the trip. After watching the Imax Titanica, which features Eva Hart and photos of her with her teddy bear on Titanic, one of my friends asked me a good question: where did those photos...
  9. R

    Eva Hart's Shadow of the Titanic

    I had bid unsucessfully for the above mentioned book a few times and stumbled onto a copy at used book store here in Jersey for $3.00!!! :-) How many times was this book reprinted? Is it still difficult to find? I love thinking this was a steal! Along with the copy of Falling Star I...
  10. A

    Eva Hart's Relatives

    Hello, At school, my Career Studies teacher told me that her Aunt was on the Titanic. She said her name was Eva Hart who died a few years ago. My teacher's name is Mrs. Nicola Jane Jarvis and she said she has Eva's biography,Shadow of the Titanic which she signed. I dont know what to say...
  11. S

    Eva Hart Memoir bShadow of the Titanicb for sale

  12. R

    The biography of Eva Hart how good is it

    Anyone here read the biograpny of Eva Hart, called eithier "In The Shadow Of The Titanic" or "Shadow Of The Titanic"? How good is it? Richard K.
  13. R

    Does Eva Hart's family

    Does Eva Hart's family have any letters, diaries, and other documents left by Eva and her parents still with them? If not, did they give them to any library or museum? Richard K.