1. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal

    Lucile: Fashion. Titanic. Scandal
  2. Keri Smith

    Hats at Dinner

    Hello all! I am curious about dinner attire. From my understanding, it was customary for men to wear hats and gloves most of the time during this period, removing gloves to eat. Would most of the men at dinner in First Class be wearing hats? In the scene in Titanic (1997), there isn't a hat in...
  3. S

    Passenger Fashion Gallery

    I thought I would jump in at the deep end and start my very own thread. It is on the specific subject of actual descriptions and pictures of what people were wearing on the ship, or at the time it sank. I know there is some discussion elsewhere, but it seems easier to start a new thread, and...