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    Who took that picture ?

    Hello everyone ! :) I am a little bit confused. I don't know whether the pictures below were taken by Francis Browne or the Odell family... Could you help me out on this ? :) PS: These pictures come from internet and are NOT mine. 1. Picture credit Titanic Universe says the picture was...
  2. Mark VII

    ITV interview with family member Father Browne

    Hello everyone, I’m intrigued by a 2012 report of ITV Meridian News on Father Browne who famously took photographs onboard the RMS Titanic before disembarking at Queenstown. Here’s the link: Titanic Photographs According to the report Father Browne left his great-nephew - one Mr John Martin in...
  3. First Class Dining Room.jpg

    First Class Dining Room.jpg

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    Fr Browne Astor photo is actually Ismay

    A famous Fr Browne photo - The man on the left bears a similarity, but is NOT William Walfdorf Astor, JJ's cousin. I have checked a number of photographs. As far as I am concerned it is a theory created to fit the use of the word "Astor" in the original Fr Browne album caption, based...
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    Cross Channel passengers

    I am sorry, I did not know where to put this thread (Again) Why are Browne, The Mays' and the Odells' on the same Ticket? And their Fares are counted together? Then... would it be only 1 ticket for all of them. or would they have had 1ticket each with the same number on it? Regards...
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    Marconi Room Photos

    just wondering if anyone has any recent online photos of the marconi room
  7. V

    Father Browne

    Was "Father" his name? What was his job, his full name etc. Thank you
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    Father Browne phtographs

    Everyone, I'm sure this issue has come up before, but I was wondering if anyone knew the identity of the middle aged couple photographed walking on A deck near the entrance to the Palm Court, the port crance and entrance to the A Deck promenade visible in the background. They don't (but I...
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    Identity of couple on A Deck Aft in Father Browne Photo

    Hey, in another thread, Daniel Rosenshine said: "R. W. Smith had a travelling companion, Mrs. Nicholls, who only went as far as Queenstown (Craig Stringer is to thank for this info). Nicholls and Smith were acquainted with Fr. Browne so that's why the couple may have been a subject for his...
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    Father Brown's photo of Titanic's Reading And Writing Room

    In reading the Father Brown book, one Titanic photo has me scratching my head, is the somewhat hazy photo of the alcove of the Reading And Writing Room. Since the rug has the same wrinkle as in the photo of the same room on Olympic, I think both photos were either from Olympic or Titanic...
  11. L

    F M Browne

    I know that Father F. M. Browne was a first class passenger on the Titanic, because of the photos. Yet when I look at the first class passenger list, I don't see him. Was this because he got off at Queenstown?
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    Father Browne photos

    Hi there, Is there a website out there that has copies of the photos Father Browne took on the Titanic? I'm interested as I have photos of a dressing table from the Olympic that is exactly the same as the one that was in his cabin. It would be good to have a link to the photo of the inside of...
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    Father Browne's Ticket

    Hi! I was looking at the list of Cross Chanel passengers, and noticed that Father Browne's Ticket number is the same as the 5 people of the O'Dell family....purchased by Mr H. O'Dell (not traveling) for 6 adults. tkt.84 for 24pounds. (Sorry don't know how to make the symbol for it LOL) Anyway...