film review

  1. Gazz

    Is Titanic James Cameron's Best Film?

    Hi all, just popping in to post a video review of Titanic, the film that singlehandedly kickstarted my interest in the disaster as well as continuing my love affair with Cameron's movies. On the last watch through I actually came to realise that this is probably Cameron's best film and certainly...
  2. Aurélien WOLFF

    Odd takes on this movie

    While I do like this movie and find it verry good for a 1958 movie (in my opinion, it's much better and much more enjoyable than the 2000 britannic movie), I find it really odd to go so far as to call it the definitive titanic movie. To me, a definitive titanic movie would be one who doesn't...
  3. Andy A Carter

    ANTR review

    Saw this on YT and thought it was interesting. Hope you enjoy, best regards Andy
  4. H

    Worst scene from a Titanic film ever

    Hello all! This is my very first posting (so bear with me!). I chose to write here first because funnily enough i was watching a copy of the 1980 film Raise the Titanic only this morning. I cant really fault this film, but one film that really bugged me? Titanic starring Catherine Zeta-Jones...