1. A

    Most accurate film version?

    Of all the films made about the Titanic disaster, which is the most historically accurate?
  2. Dan Kappes

    How come Harold Cottam declined to play himself in this film?

    I read that Harold Cottam was offered a role to play as himself in this film, but he declined the offer and the part went instead to Alec McCowen. Why did Harold Cottam decline? Were the memories of the sinking still painful to him?
  3. Dan Kappes

    Box Office Gross

    What was this film's budget and its total box office gross? Was it a box office success in Britain and the United States? And how much was its gross compared to the 1953 and 1997 Titanic films?
  4. J. Effingham Bellweather

    OK, Technically, This May Not Be "General Titanica"...

    This early newsreel of Titanic's sister ship Olympic is fantastic! I literally gasped when I saw some of the footage. It is as close as we will ever get to seeing Titanic steam into New York City. Yeah, I know this post should be in some White Star sub-folder below, and somebody's probably...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Watch Titanic Survivor Dorothy Gibson in rare 1912 film

    You are invited to a very special screening of "The Lucky Holdup" starring Titanic Survivor Dorothy Gibson. The 8-minute fragment discovered in 2001 is all that survives of the film made in March 1912, a month before Dorothy and her mother sailed aboard the Titanic. Join the group to take part...
  6. H

    White Star Line and Britannic (1874) reference in "The Legend Of Tarzan" Film.

    I was watching the film "The Legend of Tarzan" the other day and during a early scene in the movie, The White Star Line ship SS Britannic (1874) is referenced in the "ledger" as being used by Tarzan and Co. to sail from Liverpool to Africa. (Sorry if the photos are a bit big and / or of poor...
  7. H

    Atlantis (1913) Film

    Nothing Titanic related, but just a interesting film for curious film / maritime fans... Apparently the Harland & Wolff built ship Rotterdam (1897) when later the C.F. Tietgen of the Scandinavian America Line was used as a film set for the Danish film Atlantis (1913) based off a book by...
  8. H

    Titanic and The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017): What have they done?!?

    By chance, a Youtube trailer with the "can't skip the ad" function appeared advertising the film: "The Ottoman Lieutenant" (2017) and I glance up casually from my Titanic Research to see a CGI model of the Titanic being used for the film! A brief lookup of the full trailer revealed the...
  9. MissBostonTrack

    Was this scene in the film, and were there ANY Californian related scenes in the film?

    Hi. I am in a dispute with someone, about this. I have seen "Titanic" by James Cameron. I found this "Deleted" scene. Someone claims they have an "original" Titanic film with the following "deleted scene." I have seen this film many times. In fact, when I saw it in the theaters in 1997...
  10. Arun Vajpey

    The Unsinkable Molly Brown

    There is a short Titanic sequence in the 1964 Debbie Reynolds musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I saw it at a rerun in 1967 and that was what started my interest in the Titanic saga.
  11. F

    The most accurate portrayal of Mr Andrews in the movies?

    Hi all. There has been a lot of Titanic movies, which included Thomas Andrews, or, should I say in a polite way, Mr Andrews. There were some as well,where Andrews was omitted, but that is not the subject of this poll. Which movie offered in your opinion the most accurate portrayal of...
  12. E

    A Night To Remember On Blu-Ray

    I received the new Criterion Blu-Ray version of ANTR, and the result is an impressive upgrade over the previous release. The transfer is outstanding and this time the sequence snipped in the previous release of the "British" version (but which was included in the American version released on...
  13. J

    The Titanic of Southampton - brand new film and get it HERE FIRST

    2012 will mark the release of a new Titanic documentary, the Titanic of Southampton. Kimberly R. Zimmerman - executive producer - is allowing the release of a small number through Kickstarter for charity, paired with tile work based on Titanic designs and created with the help of developmentally...
  14. K

    Daniel Marvin Titanic footage "recovered and acquired

    "Biograph has recovered and acquired the actual film images taken aboard the Titanic, believed to have been taken by Marvin." - How on Earth is this possible?
  15. M

    Historical Inconsistencies

    One thing that I am looking forward to discussing here is the subject of inconsistency to fact as presented in the various movies, especially James Cameron's version. Don't get me wrong: there's a lot I like about it--especially the digitals and Special Effects--but I am irked by some of the...
  16. R

    Was the Marvin wedding film saved

    All, I've always been curious if the private film made of the wedding of Mr & Mrs Daniel Marvin, only shortly before their sailing on Titanic, has been preserved by their families. Frame enlargements from this movie were published in the London papers so it's obvious that the Marvins did not...
  17. A

    Rare Cottam news reel footage moving picture

    Dear all- A few months ago, I bought a real cheesy Titanic gift-pack set. It came with a documentary and a hideous movie from the 1920s. The movie was so bad it was funny and the documentary was good but not great. One of those ones you can only stand to watch a couple times. The saving...