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    James was my great uncle. He survived. He returned to Southampton, without being asked any questions at the enquiry, and resumed his work on the sea. As it happens he survived another sea disaster in WW2. He died - I believe from smoke and dust inhalation, almost in obscurity, and very...
  2. B

    William McCastlin

    I have been researching my Great Grandfather for many years, No one in the family has ever been able to confirm where he disappeared to. I have come across a bio here for him and am wondering how I can go about actually proving it is him. Any advice?
  3. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
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    Henry Dennis Witt

    Hello, I am new to this Forum and hoping to get some help with researching the above man. I have been tracing the ancestry of one of my daughter-in-laws. She is descended from Daisy Gertrude Martha/Marsha WITT and Henry Den(n)is WITT was Daisy's older brother. Two or three years ago I...
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    Stokers' Songs

    Hi Folks, I'm brand new to this board. I'm writing a novel based on the Titanic. I'm trying to find out what songs the stokers on board Titanic would likely have sung. Any ideas, tips or info out there? Thanks, Woody