1. minhong

    Fireman injured by the steam from the boiler

    As you know, hot steam is very dangerous. Exposure to it can cause permanent damage, including burns. Maybe that's why I remember the steam exposed fireman depicted in the titanic films. Was anyone actually hurt like that? *i used a translator Titanic(1997) s.o.s. titanic(1979)
  2. C M Stevens

    Fireman's access to stokeholds

    Hi everyone - first post here and I'm wondering which of the hundreds of questions I have should be first! I'll go with this one: A gang of burly firemen/trimmers etc. finishing their shift and returning to their quarters would be covered in sweat and coal dust, and would be an intimidating...
  3. Arun Vajpey

    Black Gang and the Official Inquiries

    I understand that an estimated 72 members of the "Black Gang" (Firemen, Greasers, Trimmers) of the Titanic survived the disaster and yet comparatively few of them were called in to testify. A recent post about Trimmer Eustace Snow reminded me about that fact; I would have thought they could have...
  4. M

    Passengers and Stokers

    So, I saw a “documentary” recently that claimed the stokers of the “black gang” were intentionally kept secret from the passengers, and that struck me as kind of odd. Would a passenger in 1912 actually be surprised to learn that there was a small army keeping the ship going, or was this just...
  5. Andy A Carter

    Answered Fireman's Tunnel

    Was just watching a Demo on Titanic Honor & Glory. In the Fireman's Tunnel there are signs posted saying, Break Step. I could understand this on a Bridge with many people but why would you need to in the Fireman's Tunnel? Regards Andy Carter
  6. C


    James was my great uncle. He survived. He returned to Southampton, without being asked any questions at the enquiry, and resumed his work on the sea. As it happens he survived another sea disaster in WW2. He died - I believe from smoke and dust inhalation, almost in obscurity, and very...
  7. B

    William McCastlin

    I have been researching my Great Grandfather for many years, No one in the family has ever been able to confirm where he disappeared to. I have come across a bio here for him and am wondering how I can go about actually proving it is him. Any advice?
  8. Bobby Whalen

    Fireman, Trimmers

    I was wondering why they find these men without socks or boots ????
  9. Max Puente Piró

    Stokers and watertight doors

    Why would all the stokers rush to the wtd like it was their only way out when they could take the ladders that went all the way up to E deck in Scotland road? I mean, were they restricted from using this emergency exits or what?
  10. Bobby Whalen


    Looking for the date of birth for the stokers ??? Anyone know where I can find the information
  11. Doe

    Staff Entrance

    Does anyone know if there was a specific staff entrance that staff would use instead of passenger entrances? It's such a minor detail but it's been aggravating me. And if so, were there like specific entrances that staff used? One for, say, the officers or the people who worked in the boiler room?
  12. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Graphic story told by leading stoker.

    A graphic story was told by Frederick Barrett a leading stoker. He was in No. 6 section and Mr Shepherd was the engineer on duty. "There is a clock face in the stokehole and a red light goes up for &39;Stop.&39; I was talking to Mr Hesketh when the red light came up and I shouted &39;Shut all...
  13. P

    Fireman photo

    Can anyone help identify the five crew survivors in this picture? I believe they are, left to right, Unknown George Pelham Unknown George Kemish Albert Fryer
  14. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Titanic Firemen Thomas Threlfall and George McGough
  15. H

    Person spotted on Titanic's First Funnel?

    While the unknown stoker seen atop Titanic's 4th funnel in Queenstown has been seen and commented on dozens of times, there has been other reported stories of stokers watching the SS New York nearly colliding with Titanic from one of her forward funnels (as reported in "Titanic Voices: Memories...
  16. J

    Stoker/Trimmer Employment on Titanic

    Hi, Generally when reading of Titanic's stokers and trimmers, only the briefest of mention is made to how they came to sign on to the ship. My pretty basic understanding, is that an individual would seek employment for a voyage on a ship by ship basis, rather than a permanent position with a...
  17. Robby House

    Fireman's Passageway WTD's and other miscellany...

    Hey everyone. I've got another one to throw at you guys related to the aft end of the Fireman's Passageway or tunnel that ran along the center of Titanic's Tank Top in the bow. I've included another snip-it of the deck plans provided from this website to help ask the following questions: (1)...
  18. W

    Book on Titanic Propulsion Plant

    Richard de Kerbrech, already a very familiar name to many Titanic buffs, has a new book out, Down Amongst the Black Gang: The World and Workplace of RMS Titanic's Stokers, published by History Press. Very much up to his usual standard.
  19. S

    William Major, Henry and William Vear, fireman all related

    Hi I have been researching the family tree and william Major, Henry and William Vear (all engine room crew Firemen) are related to me. Henry and william Vear (both died) were cousins of William Major (survivor lifeboat 13) can any one else relate more than 3 members of the crew to there...
  20. C

    Stoker sir Harry

    Has a history of Sir Harry in an interview April 19, 1912. He saw a woman with two babies in her arms and grabbed one. It makes him jump with the baby while I did the same thing with another. He dived and when he returned the baby was already dead in his arms, but had to drop it. Then he saw...