first class passengers

  1. Vera Dick

    Vera Dick

    Photograph of Titanic Survivor Vera Dick
  2. LLWH

    Different class passengers together

    Hi! I'm trying to write a novel, and I was wondering if there were any areas on the ship where a third class passenger (female) and a first class passenger (male) could be together, privately or otherwise? Were there areas where all passengers were allowed? Were first class passengers pretty...
  3. R

    First class passengers needing the loo during dinner

    I was wondering about loo visits for first class passengers during dinner in the dining saloon. Surely with the duration of time and amount of liquid consumed both before and during dinner, a trip to the loo was inevitable. Would passengers politely excuse themselves to other passengers at...
  4. B-rad

    Harry Anderson

    I was wondering if anyone had any accounts of the disaster as related by Harry Anderson. I would like to stack his account with that of Mrs. Cassebeer, so see how similar or different they are. I know the authors of 'On A Sea of Glass', attribute an account (or several?) courtesy of Mike...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Miss Ann Elizabeth Isham
  6. D

    Public Rooms at 11:40

    How many 1st Class public rooms were open when the Titanic stuck the berg? We've gone over public room hours before, but published closing times contradict survivor accounts. The only rooms that I know of that were still catering to passengers are the Cafe Parisienne and the Smoking Room. The...