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  1. M

    What if the crew reshuffle had never happened?

    This is a Massive what if question, but what if the crew reshuffle had never happened? We would have to consider many things such as, Wilde not being on the ship at all, Murdoch being the chief officer, Lightoller being the 1st officer, and one that intrigues me, the original 2nd officer David...
  2. Sarah S

    Murdoch and Moody on the bridge

    Good morning everyone, After the collision happened, the captain gave several orders to his officers/crew to assess the damage or to tour the ship, then waking the off-duty officers, and the captain consulting with Andrews etc. But what happened in the meantime on the bridge? Were Moody and...
  3. H

    Question Murdoch bag buttons

    Hi there, does anyone know what manufacturer the buttons were that were recovered in what was apparently William Murdochs satchel? I know that raynor & sons of Liverpool were reputed to be making the white star line buttons from 1910-12 but have always wondered what make the ones recovered were…
  4. Sarah S

    Ada Murdoch tour around the deck

    Hello! I have read that William Murdoch's wife, Ada, received a tour on the titanic by an officer. Does anyone have an idea who that officer was? I have read somewhere that it was usually the task of junior officers to give tours to passengers or visitors. So is it possible that the officer...
  5. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic True Story: Why Murdoch's Family Were Offended By His Portrayal

    One of the characters in Titanic based on real-life people was Will Murdoch, and his family wasn't pleased with how the movie portrayed him.
  6. Jenna Offerty

    Murdoch spoke to Andrews about demotion?

    The phrasing in this section from A Night To Remember feels a bit ambiguous to me. The use of the word "might" would seem to indicate it's just a possible example, as part of the description of Andrews' character, but it's odd to me to use a known figure and a known issue if that interaction did...
  7. Arun Vajpey

    Murdoch and Lifeboat #10

    It is now generally accepted that First officer William Murdoch was in charge during the latter stages of loading and the actual lowering of Lifeboat #10, the only port boat that he was involved with. I was wondering about the reasons why Murdoch crossed over to the port side and an indirect...
  8. M

    What is the evidence for and against Murdoch committing suicide?

    This subject has been discussed at length elsewhere and there's no need for a new thread addressing the same subject.
  9. D

    Reversing Engines, Unfair Criticism of Officer Murdoch

    My interest in the Titanic goes back to when I was a child. I saw either Titanic(1953) or A Night to Remember and took an interest in the ship. I would ask my father questions about it and whenever I did that he would direct me to the library to go find out about it. This was in the early...
  10. Jadey

    Lack of information on profile

    Hi Everyone, I just jumped on to the profile of Mr William McMaster Murdoch and found a surprising lack of information. Is there a reason for this? Am i not clicking the right links? For such a prominent person in Titanic's history i'm surprised is all. Is there a place i can go to find out...
  11. A

    Identifying Murdoch?

    I've came across a pre titanic image. Image captioned (officer centred) possible Murdoch serving on the addric with Captain Smith 1907/09?. We do know Murdoch sailed with Smith pre titanic. No doubt Clearly captain Smith is visible. Does anyone know for sure if this officer is 100% Murdoch...
  12. A

    Will Murdochs weight?

    I've been viewing Murdochs images, I am wondering what did he weigh? He seems very slim in his images, like he could be under weight slightly.? I'm aware the officers wrote down information when they signed on, such as - height, eye and hair colour, tattoos but I don't recall any weight...
  13. A

    Officer Murdoch's Children?

    Hi all, I'm very Intruiged with officer Murdoch and wish to know why he had no children, or he may have? I'm aware that officer Murdoch never had children with his wife ada, however why not? Ada couldn't conceive? or was it officer Murdoch that just didn't want children? or he couldn't get...
  14. Dan Kappes

    Watertight Doors closed BEFORE Collision in film

    In this film, Murdoch orders the watertight doors closed moments BEFORE the Titanic hits the iceberg. It seems to me that this film is implying that Murdoch realized the Titanic was too close to avoid the iceberg and that the collision was imminent and that he ordered the doors closed as a...
  15. Arun Vajpey

    Where was Murdoch standing?

    What was the most likely physical position that Murdoch was standing when he heard the iceberg alert? If he was in one of the bridge wings, would he have run to put himself in the midline facing the bow so that he could see the relative positions of the iceberg and the Titanic before giving that...
  16. Kareen Healey

    Did Lightoller lie about Murdoch in a letter to his widow ?

    Hello every one, I was reading the testimony of Lightoller yesterday, questions 14009 to 14052 (British inquiry) and while thinking about a letter he had written to Murdoch's widow, something struck my mind : that latter could have been a lie. Before telling you the reasons that have me...
  17. A

    Ismay about Murdoch - "He wanted to throw his quarter up."

    Anyone know what that means? Hichens told the American Inquiry the only order he received before the collision was "Hard a-starboard." One has to assume he spoke to Lightoller on the Carpathia and Lightoller told Ismay what happened before the Inquiry began. After Hichens spoke, the same...
  18. Arun Vajpey

    Murdoch's orders & the helm during the collision?

    I was under the impression (and I admit that I may have got it wrong) that during the days of the Titanic and for some time afterwards, the direction of a ship's helm turn was opposite to the direction in which the bow was intended to go. In other words, turning the helm to starboard (right)...
  19. S

    Officer MURDOCH

    Hello everyone I'm Michel I am a french ultra passionate by this wonderful ship! I am me even a future officer of the Merchant Marine I'm a big fan of the first officer of the titanic I wonder if you have photos or information on uniforms has brought the era I try to do a recovery mannequin...