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  1. Q

    Did people rip apart fixtures/fittings and throw them overboard?

    There's a few shots during the panic/mayhem in the 1997 movie that shows people throwing anything they can find overboard such as benches, chairs, etc presumably to give people something to hold on to. I was wondering if there is much documentation/eyewitness accounts of this happening?
  2. M

    E Deck Features

    Along the length of Scotland Road, the plans show several "Portable Plate for Shipping Furnaces" located at intervals down the corridor. What were these? Also, a number of second class cabins (for example, E100, E103, etc.) have an odd, criss-crossed feature just inboard of the porthole - what...
  3. Chad1234

    Furniture/fittings from other White Star liners?

    Besides the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland, which contains interiors from the Olympic, are there any other places around the world that currently have or have had furniture or fittings from White Star liners?
  4. Engine Room catwalks

    Engine Room catwalks

  5. H

    Titanic and Britannic Artefacts and Fittings sold at Auction (News Links)

    Nothing big or major, but recently these two articles have appeared on the BBC Website: Titanic brandy flask sells for £76,000 Titanic sister ship items up for auction Just posting them here for anyone to read. Hopefully all the items find a good home to any historians or whoever buys...
  6. C

    Water coming through plumbing fixtures?

    was there any reports of water coming into cabins unusual ay sush ventilation,toilets,bathtube and sinks? how much waer could enter throught said elements? did actually water penetrate ventilation shafts and cause darkness in few corridors? (i.e bursting bulbs).. lets say there is toilet in...
  7. Arun Vajpey

    Cabin fittings....fixed?

    In second and third class cabins of the Titanic, were fittings line beds (or bunks), tables, washbasins etc fixed to the floor? If so, how firmly? I am asking this in relation to other threads about the not-yet flooded cabins at the stern of the ship during the final plunge. Anything movable...
  8. candelabra shipbuilder.jpg

    candelabra shipbuilder.jpg

  9. JJAstorII

    Details of furniture and fixtures

    I find it super odd that of all the witness testimony nothing ever came up about the decor of the Titanic and how it differed from the Olympic. I mean obv. this wasn't a concern in the initial years of investigating the disaster, but surely years down the road people would've been curious and...
  10. P

    Olympic Fittings

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any fitting/fixtures from Olympic for sale? Many thanks
  11. N

    Watertight Door Indicator / Activation Switch

    Can anyone say with absolute certainty where the switch to close the watertight doors was located? I have found a number of sources that say it was in the wheelhouse. Others indicate that the switch was on the bridge. For example, Hitchens states in the British hearing that Murdoch...
  12. H

    Revolving door

    Might i point out that the plan for A deck on this site seems to omit the revolving door situated 3/4 along the corridor connecting the forward 1st class entrance & the 1st class lounge. There were two of these doors on A deck, the other being aft, between the portside palm court/verandah, &...
  13. Phillip Ivey

    Britannic Fittings

    I know that after the sinking of Britannic that all of her fittings were auctioned off. My question is, where are her fittings today. Did they go on other White Star-Cunard vessels, or did they end up in the private market? If that's the case, is there fittings available to purchase today? Since...
  14. J

    Whereabouts of Fittings

    I know of some locations where fittings from Olympic are held such as the Swan Hotel in Alnwick, etc, but I was wondering if anyone knew of all known locations of where Olympic's fittings are located. I know of the old hotel on the Isle of Mann which supposedly held fittings and furnishings, now...
  15. K

    The mystery of Grand Staircase cherub

    Hello. It is known that all of the photos of Grand Staircase is of "Olympic". And photos clearly show that two types of cherubs existed: the one from aft staircase holded the lamp in his right hand, another- from grand staircase - in his left. I found a web page www titanic, there it...
  16. R


    How well was Titanic lit. Is the lighting accurate in movies like Titanic (1997)? Or would it of been darker? Would the Grand staircase, and the Dinning Saloon be darker then portrayed?
  17. T

    A 2nd class passenger complained about an unfinished cabin uninstalled toilet fixtures and no heat

    Here is a question I posted over on TRMA awhile back- I'll post it again here, in case any fellow ET regulars who don't frequent TRMA might offer some additional ideas.. Now as well all know, every liner will have some gremlins and bugs to iron out on their maiden voyage-Titanic being no...
  18. J

    Other ships fixtures and fittings

    its well known where alot of Olympics fittings and fixtures went when she was scrapped, the White Swan, Haltwistle factory etc... but does anyone know of any places that have fixtures and fittings from other lesser known WSL ships or other liners from when they were broken up? there must be...
  19. N

    The Smoking Room Chandelier

    In the Cincinnati exhibit there is a chandelier, said to be from the first class smoking room. While it does match stylistically to those seen in pictures (which I believe are all from Olympic) the number of sockets does not match. The one in the exhibit has five while the ones in the pictures...
  20. J

    Majestic's fittings

    Does anyone know where the Majestic's interior fittings ended up when she was converted to Caledonia and after that when she was scrapped? I have tried researching but was not able to find much information on this...