1. R

    How many passengers in the Grand Staircase during rapid flooding?

    Hi, During the rapid flooding of the Grand Staircase, how many passengers were in this area during this time? Cameron's film shows (obviously for dramatic affect) many passengers in this area fleeing from other nearby areas (such as the Forward A deck cabins), you wouldnt really stay or be...
  2. R

    Did the First Class Lounge flood?

    Hi, I am just wondering the extent of how much the First Class Lounge on A deck flooded before the break-up. Surely the water reached up the corridor from the Grand Staircase and flooded the Reading and Writing room (as well as through this room's windows from the outside). If the Reading and...
  3. H

    Could Titanic Still Sink With 4 Compartments Flooded?

    A "What If" scenario... It's aways been stated that Titanic could stay afloat with any 4 compartments and had the iceberg only breached the front 4, she would have floated and the only damage would be some lost Cargo and some very angry 3rd Class Passengers and Crew. However, would the weight...
  4. A

    How did the engine room start to flood before that compartment was submerged?

    For the last 20 minutes of the tragic disaster, and about the Morse code messages sent to nearby ships on April 15th 1912. The last few messages sent to the nearby ships were as follows: "CQD, SOS. MGY (titanic) to all stations. Engine room flooded up to the boilers" And: "CQD, SOS. MGY to all...
  5. Charles

    How did the Swimming Pool flood?

    Hi, I was watching a live action documentary (somewhat inaccurate) called "What Sank Titanic?" that included the stories of Captain Edward Smith, Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, Fredrick Barrett, Jack Thayer, Milton Long, the Baxters, Bertha Maine, a Steerage family, and an inspector. About...
  6. Z

    Bulkhead failure time

    This is probably a quickie, but around what time in the morning would water start spilling over into Boiler Room 5?
  7. Yourj Benig

    D Deck Flooding Detail?

    When did the D- deck forward cabins and D- deck Grand Staircase floods......... I'm curious about the time when the D - deck Staircase had been flooded....... Do the Lifeboat 13 and 15 had already gone when this part of the ship floods...???
  8. M

    Open the Watertight Doors!

    *sigh* this one again, eh? There's been a lot of study on this theory Sandy. Frankly, and no offense intended to you personally, it's a load of crap, probably dreamed up by some hack to sell a poorly researched book or documentary. Tank tests with models have shown Titanic would have lost power...
  9. J

    Slowing Titanic's flooding/sinking

    First off, greetings everyone. Now that I've finished my introduction on another thread, I'd like to pose my first question. Here goes. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Titanic was capable of opening hatches or something of the sort near her stern. I believe it said they were located...