1. Luke Henry

    Titanic's Galleys

    The galleys of the RMS Titanic. The galleys of the Titanic is a very particular subject of the interior of the ship of dreams. This discussion goes through the galleys (kitchens), pantries, storage rooms, shops, bars, and many more. This discussion also touches the subject of the food stored...
  2. Kareen Healey

    Pantry man : Food or Wine ?

    Hi Guys, I should like to get something clear and I will need your help. First of all, my first language is not English but French. And the dictionary tells that a "Pantry man" is the person who is responsible of the wine -- and of course a "Pantry" is a place where the wine is kept. But I...
  3. A

    Poor Taste - Belfast Bread Titanic Tour

    This event is in very bad taste. Don't know what they were thinking. Event location - Belfast city centre Date - September 30th 2017. Description from - 'On Belfast Bred you'll discover the city's fascinating culinary history in the company of Barney, a cheeky chef from the...
  4. S

    Kosher Titanic

    In "triumph and Tragedy" by Eaton and Haas, there is a 3rd class bill of fare reproduced. What intriged me was the legend, printed on the bottom; "Kosher meat available for Jewish passengers" I was sceptical of this. After all, where was the evidence for this claim? In any event, the kitchens...
  5. O

    Where did the band eat

    Can anyone answer this question? I really wonder where the band, listed as 2nd class passengers, had their meals on the Titanic. I am sure that someone knows the answer
  6. S

    Midnight Snacks

    Hello all, I hope you are having a nice night. Well I am starting this thread because I was wondering something. Imagine This: You are a passenger on the Titanic and you wake up in the middle of the night. Your stomach is empty so u look for a snack. Where to look! I was wondering if...
  7. D

    The cuisine

    Hi, Was the food the first class passengers dined on really delicious,or doe's the fancy title's just give the impression that it was good.Thanks. Daisy