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  1. Gordon Mooneyhan


    Collusion is a secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy. The four surviving officers (Lightoller, Pittman, Boxhall, and Lowe) had time to get together on Carpathia while returning to New York. Do you think they may have colluded on their testimony for either of the hearings?
  2. Cam Houseman

    Did Boxhall row under the propellers?

    Hi y'all So did Mr. Fourth Officer Boxhall indeed pass under the Propellers? Lifeboat No. 2 left the Portside around 1:45am, with 18 people aboard. which is near the time that the forecastle and Forward Well Deck went under (1:55-2:05am) Day 3 (American Inquiry) Senator SMITH. Did you ever...
  3. A

    Officer Boxhall's residence 1912

    I came across a memorance post on fb about one lower crew member who perished on titanic. It stated he was 28 and still living at home with his parents in 1911. This got me thinking about one of my favorite officers-. who was he living with at the time of titanics sinking. Officer Boxhall was 28...
  4. Dan Parkes

    Boxhall's 1959 Christchurch talk and Nautical Magazine article - now available to read

    In 1959, 74-year-old Joseph Boxhall gave a talk at the Christchurch Red House Museum, which was attended by a William Sandrey who wrote it up into an article entitled "A Talk by the Fourth Officer of the Titanic" that appeared in the May 1959 edition of the Nautical Magazine on pages 262-264...
  5. Seumas

    Did the Surviving Officers Remain in Touch With One Another?

    Did any of Charles Lightoller, Herbert Pitman, Joseph Boxhall and Harold Lowe keep in touch in the years following the disaster or not ? Boxhall and Pitman did at least meet once more (and were pictured together) in 1958 at the London premiere of A Night To Remember.
  6. A

    Did Boxhall Really Have Pleurisy?

    It is alleged that 4th officer Boxhall became seriously ill with a high fever and contracted pleurisy as a result of his time in the lifeboat. However I read that pleurisy causes a sharp pain in the chest which makes it almost impossible for the patient to utter a few words of speech and it...
  7. P

    Joseph Boxhall's uncle

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone knows the name of Joseph Boxhall's uncle mentionned in Wikipedia as being a board of trade official? I'm doing some genealogical research but can't find this part of the family. Thank you very much for your help :-)
  8. Encyclopedia Titanica

  9. A

    Boxhall - Simulation of his Testimony

    Do you believe Boxhall's testimony? Here are two scenarios using a ship simulator. Let's see how it looks. The second scenario is my own personal belief. Any ideas what might have happened? .
  10. A

    Did Boxhall and Olliver Enter the Bridge Together?

    Both men approached the bridge when they heard the bell in the crows nest and felt the collision just before they got there. Does anyone know who got there first? I understand Boxhall and quartermaster Olliver both arrived in time to see Murdoch close the watertight doors immediately after the...
  11. A

    Did Boxhall Witness the Ship Break?

    Boxhall gave an interview in 1962. When he left the ship he said the Captain looked over the side from the bridge and sung out and told him to go around to the starboard side to the gangway doors. He said "When I passed around the boat to try and get to this gangway door on the starboard side...
  12. Loutino

    Boxhalls' ships

    I wonder on which ships Joseph Boxhall served? And on on which one he was for the longest time?
  13. B-rad

    Boxhall 1959 article

    Does anyone have or know where to obtain Boxhall's May 1959 Nauticle Magazine article?
  14. Jim Currie

    Boxhall's Big Mistake

    Here's another old wound that needs worrying. It's often been written about before but a satisfactory answer has yet to be found It is well known that 4th Officer Boxhall and Captain Smith made a mess of working out where Titanic was when she hit the iceberg. Captain Smith placed her at...
  15. Christophe Puttemans

    Boxhall April 11th 1912

    Hi guys, This is my first thread here. I'm writing a story about the RMS Titanic, featuring a Flemish Titanic fan who uses a time machine to travel back to 1912. He manages to get a free ticket to New York by predicting the near-disaster with the New York in Southampton. Read it on...
  16. Jim Currie

    Boxhall's Green Flares

    There has been disagreement about the nature of the green signals used by Boxhall to attract the attention of Carpathia. Some say they were hand-held flares others that they were Roman Candles. What were they? During his evidence, Captain Rostron told his questioners that he first saw the...
  17. Jim Currie

    Titanic Engine running time from Noon on April 14th.

    The number of hours which Titanic's engines were running at full speed from Noon on April 14 to the moment she hit that iceberg and finally came to a halt is crucial to the understanding of Titanic's naviagtion errors i.e. why her wreck was found 12.5 miles short of her distress position. So...
  18. K

    Boxhall's Shenanigans

    I would like to raise an interesting topic, if I may. In regards to Boxhall's, shall we say shenanigan's, the few minutes prior to the fateful collision with the iceberg. First, I will quickly disprove a few of the theories that are commonly put out there. First, he was not in the crapper...
  19. S

    Photo of Boxhall

    Can anyone help me find proper pictures of Boxhall? This one here is the most common one I find. The Crew of Titanic Scroll down a bit and go to Boxhall. But that I don't think even is him. I think it's actually an Olympic officer. The only other one I find (when he was young) is the picture he...
  20. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Joseph Groves Boxhall