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    News The Jesuit seminarian who was on board the Titanic - America Magazine

    The Jesuit seminarian who was on board the Titanic America Magazine It may be news to some that there was a Jesuit on board and that he got off the ship at the last possible stop before its end. Some Jesuit-observers may ... Frank Browne, S.J., who boarded at Southampton, was an Irish...
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    Fr Browne Astor photo is actually Ismay

    A famous Fr Browne photo - The man on the left bears a similarity, but is NOT William Walfdorf Astor, JJ's cousin. I have checked a number of photographs. As far as I am concerned it is a theory created to fit the use of the word "Astor" in the original Fr Browne album caption, based...
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    Father Browne

    Was "Father" his name? What was his job, his full name etc. Thank you
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    F M Browne

    I know that Father F. M. Browne was a first class passenger on the Titanic, because of the photos. Yet when I look at the first class passenger list, I don't see him. Was this because he got off at Queenstown?
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    Father Browne photos

    Hi there, Is there a website out there that has copies of the photos Father Browne took on the Titanic? I'm interested as I have photos of a dressing table from the Olympic that is exactly the same as the one that was in his cabin. It would be good to have a link to the photo of the inside of...
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    Father Browne's Ticket

    Hi! I was looking at the list of Cross Chanel passengers, and noticed that Fther Brownes Ticket number is the same as the 5 people of the O'Dell family....purchased by Mr H. O'Dell (not traveling) for 6 adults. tkt.84 for 24pounds. (Sorry don't know how to make the symbol for it LOL) Anyway...