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  1. Kyle Naber

    Frank Prentice Sinking Testimony

    Frank Prentice was one of the only survivors to experience the final moments on the stern of the ship. He is one of the best people to reference, in my opinion, because he was able to feel the movements instead of attempting to make out the activities of a dark mass. In this 1966 radio...
  2. Kyle Naber

    Prentice spotted in Cameron's movie?

    Frank Prentice is one of the few survivors to be on the stern of the ship at the very last moments. He said that he recalled the ship dropping down and rising back up "like a cork." (AKA the breakup). Shortly after settling and rising back up, he said that he dropped off. In Cameron's movie...
  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    Frank Prentice, Edward Brown and William Lucas
  4. E

    Frank Prentice

    Hello all. Whilst checking through a 1912 copy of my local paper I have found an interview with survivor storekeeper Frank Prentice. I am wondering if it is o.k to put it on here for others to read. In the article Mr Prentice describes what happened to him on the night of the sinking. Emma