1. Andy K

    Wood source for Titanic's furniture

    Hello! I live in Ottawa, On., Canada which has a number of Titanic related history, some of which I wrote about here on my blog: The Ottawa Bound Furniture That Went Down With Titanic The furniture for Ottawa's Chateau Laurier Hotel and the sculpted bust in its lobby are connected to the...
  2. JJAstorII

    Details of furniture and fixtures

    I find it super odd that of all the witness testimony nothing ever came up about the decor of the Titanic and how it differed from the Olympic. I mean obv. this wasn't a concern in the initial years of investigating the disaster, but surely years down the road people would've been curious and...
  3. Justin K

    Furniture on Titanic

    Titanic's Furniture Manufacturer's Does anyone know some name of manufacturers that produced the furniture on the Titanic?
  4. D

    Olympic letter mentions upholstery

    I have a letter written on Olympic in September, 1914 by Mrs. Belle Roosevelt, wife of Kermit and daughter-in-law of Theodore. In it, she writes a little about the ship: "We are installed in a most sumptuous suite. Bedroom in white & blue, dressing room, & marble tiled bath and a most...