1. Logan Horning

    Fall of the Titanic (Abandoned Titanic Game)

    Hello, everyone. Back in 2016, there was a game on Steam called "Fall of the Titanic" in which you wake up in your cabin on F-Deck and go up deck by deck to escape the Titanic as it sinks. This game was met with mixed reviews. One half loves this game for the detail in the interior, the other...
  2. Itsstillthinking

    Real-Time Demos

    Weird topic but as some of you know as i transitioned to UE4 For making my animations, this gave me the ability to run around and experience these animations as well. It should be stated right at the beginning that any of these Demos that are released in the future are not meant to steal any...
  3. K

    Lacrosse Players Aboard Titanic

    So far as I'm aware, John Thayer II played lacrosse for U Penn when he was a student there. Were there any other Titanic passengers who played at any level?
  4. H

    The Titanic Video Gamer "Spammals" (AKA Daniel Smith, Titanic Historian / Fan)

    Notes: This thread does not focus on anything Historical relating to Titanic. To the creator of the Youtube channel, I mean no offence and have created this thread to discuss the merits and interests of having an Internet gamer who teaches and focuses on Titanic related games...
  5. T

    Titanic Honor and Glory

    ive been following this for some time and it just hit me to let people know theres a group of people working on a new titanic game called Titanic Honor and Glory these guys are dedicated to getting it completely right . right down to every rivet. the ship in game will be FULLY explorable i...
  6. J

    Titanic Role Playing Group

    If you are interested in role playing, there is a site in which we hold role plays. The first is beginning now, which will follow the voyage of April 1912. Later, new scenarios will be introduced set in different time periods, as if though she had not sunk in 1912. These will also have different...
  7. B

    Role Playing Group

    There is a role playing group on message boards and they were going very well but unfortunately a lot of the members stopped participating or no longer come online. I host them in my own section of the message board. I am thinking of starting them from scratch as they have...
  8. R

    Interactive Fiction

    You may not be aware that a modern form of the old Text Adventures of yesteryear are still on the go. Now known as Interactive Fiction, each year an annual contest takes place called the IFComp. In last years IFComp 2005 I entered "Escape to New York", which is a game based loosely on the...
  9. H

    Cameron's Titanic Explorer

    I was lucky enough to get a copy from a seller on EBAY.Well I was able to install it fin on my computer,got through Vol 1 or disc 1 and went to start on disc 2 and it wouldn't even start up.I tried and tried,but nothing.So I uninstalled the program and went to install again.Now I can even get it...