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    On which deck levels were gangways positioned for boarding?

    Where were the passenger gangways situated?
  2. D

    The Gangway Door

    Hey folks, been a long while since I've had the moments to check in,and and very happy to have found so much new information to sift through. I do have one question with respect to the models we have re the foundering; How much effect would the gangway doors being open have on the flooding...
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    Gangway door weight

    A cry for help: does anybody know what is the weight of the Titanic's gangway door - one of these from D or E Deck?? I know the size (187 x 143 cm) since one of them was successfully recovered, but not the weight, unfort.... Would be immensely thankful at least for any suggesting!
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    Gangway doors

    Hello all, I have been looking at the deck plans here and pictures on the The Wreck of RMS Titanic website and still need help with a question I have. In regards to all of Titanic's gangway doors, where are they all located (with noting what room/area) a person would be in once entering...