1. Neil Holden

    Unanswered What parts of Titanic were manufactured in Glasgow?

    I'm a teacher in Glasgow, and I am going to be doing a project about Titanic, Olympic and Britannic with my class of 9-10 year old children from mid-January. I'd love to know Glasgow links the children can follow up on including construction facts as our school is close to shipyards.
  2. G

    Titanic Film Found in Attic in Glasgow,,2-2005131403,00.html
  3. G


    Does anyone have information on the Titanic exhibition beginning July 1st at Braehead Maritime Museum?
  4. S

    Screening of Titanic movie in Glasgow Scotland 20th June

    The Titanic Movie is being shown in the Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane Glasgow this coming Thursday, 20th June at 7pm. It would be interesting to meet some fellow Titanic buffs at the screening. I won't be there until about 8.30 but if anyone sees this, it would be good to meet up afterwards...
  5. S

    Engineer's memorial in Glasgow

    Hi there, I recently photogrpahed a little known Titanic memorial in Glasgow City Centre. It is in the former Scottish Engineers institute (now the Scottish Opera Building) in Elmbank Crescent.
  6. S

    Great Exhibiton Kelvingrove Park Glasgow 1901

    Hi there, I recently read about this fascinating piece of local history. The grandeur and self-confidence of this exhibition in Glasgow (a very similar place to Belfast in certain ways) at the start of the Edwardian age gives you an idea of what the world was like in Titanic's day...
  7. S

    Titanic day conference in Glasgow Scotland

    Hi there, There are two day-long seminars on the Titanic being held by the University in Glasgow in the near future. Both are being held by a guy called John Gallacher. (Do any of you know him?) The first is on Saturday, 10th November 2001 10.00 am-12.30 pm and 1.30-3.30 pm at North...