grand staircase

  1. noahhartshorne2007

    Question was the grand staircase of olympic painted green

    Hello all, i recently learned that Olympics Grand Staircase was painted green in her 1932-1933 refit, but what i do not know is was the aft grand staircase also painted green to match the main grand staircase? Thanks, Noah
  2. B

    How the Titanic people described the Grand staircase

    I've always wanted to know how the people of Titanic describe the Grand staircase, write how they described it?
  3. CustomDesign

    Replica floor

    Replica floor commissioned And installed by my self
  4. R

    How many passengers in the Grand Staircase during rapid flooding?

    Hi, During the rapid flooding of the Grand Staircase, how many passengers were in this area during this time? Cameron's film shows (obviously for dramatic affect) many passengers in this area fleeing from other nearby areas (such as the Forward A deck cabins), you wouldnt really stay or be...
  5. H

    Titanic "Inspired" Grand Staircase in House

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but someone has built a similar looking version of the Grand Staircase in their house.
  6. Ryan J. Nicholson

    What Did Titanic's Grand Staircase Actually look like?

    I know this is probably a rather difficult topic to answer, as there are no known photos of Titanic's forward Grand Staircase, but from some of my research it seems that there were some substantial differences between Olympic and Titanic's grand staircase designs. From what I've read online the...
  7. Kyle Naber

    Grand Staircase

    Over the years, there has been much debate over the drawings illustrated inspired by survivor Jack Thayer. I'm sure everyone here has seen the infamous drawings, so I won't bother to include them. In the fourth drawing, the bow is shown above the water along with the stern, and the middle is...
  8. Christophe Puttemans

    Grand Staircase no images

    While searching for HQ-images of the Grand Staircase, i stumbled upon this: . 1st Class Grand Staircase landing at A level at RMS Olympic. Photograph No 4. Could this be true? Did nobody ever take a picture of Titanic's beautiful staircase?
  9. Charles

    What happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door?

    Ok, for this month the question is, what do you think happened to the boatswain mate after he opened the D Deck door.
  10. Charles

    D Deck Candelabra Artifact/ Recovered?

    Hey , I just wanted to know , since the cherub in the grand staircase was recovered , how about the candelabra on D Deck? Was it recovered , or is it still in the reception room wreck , waiting to be found?
  11. T

    Grand Staircase

    I heard that there was 2 grand staircases. One in between the 1st and 2nd funnel for first class passengers, and one in between the 3rd and 4th funnels for second class. Is this true? If not, explain.
  12. M

    Britannic Grand Staircase Tile

    Does anybody have a pattern for this tile? I am really interested to see what it looks like, and if anyone has recreated it on an image. I have seen very blurry versions of it on olympic as I read it was originally on Britannic and fitted for Olympic. Please let me know thanks. I am also...
  13. Yourj Benig

    D Deck Flooding Detail?

    When did the D- deck forward cabins and D- deck Grand Staircase floods......... I'm curious about the time when the D - deck Staircase had been flooded....... Do the Lifeboat 13 and 15 had already gone when this part of the ship floods...???
  14. M

    Grand staircase of Titanic? or Olympic?

    Hey everyone! I've always seen the pictures of the grand staircase from Titanic ( But I was reading a wikipedia article which said this picture is actually from the Olympic? Grand Staircase of the RMS Titanic - Wikipedia, the free...
  15. K

    The mystery of Grand Staircase cherub

    Hello. It is known that all of the photos of Grand Staircase is of "Olympic". And photos clearly show that two types of cherubs existed: the one from aft staircase holded the lamp in his right hand, another- from grand staircase - in his left. I found a web page www titanic, there it...
  16. G

    Is this the original Titanic's clock

    Hi! I have found this photo on an internet site. Someone suggests that this the only photo existent about Titanic's clock! What do you think about? Regards
  17. S

    Grand Staircase Cherub

    are there any photos of the olympic's grand staircase without the cherub? i read somewhere there was
  18. S

    The clock on the grand staircase

    I've read conflicting accounts with regards to the clock on the grand staircase (the ones crowned by honour and glory) one account with (I believe it is Titanic a journey through time by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas) states that there was no clock, only a mirror because they hadn't...
  19. M

    Grand Staircase

    Hello, Everybody - I have undertaken extensive searches on this site and elsewhere, but have not been successful in finding a clear answer to the following question: On the National Geographic video, “Secrets Of The Titanic”, it is specifically stated that Titanic's Grand Staircase was...
  20. S

    The Grand staircase clock

    Hi everyone. I am new to this site and message board, but I have a query I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a number of books, and I have noticed a discrepancy between a couple of them. One book says that Olympic had a much less ornate clock than Titanic (and has a picture of...