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  2. Mound Hill Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio.

    Mound Hill Cemetery, Gallipolis, Ohio.

    Photo: Ned Schllow
  3. Sally@Hichens

    Robert Hichens has been found

    Robert Hichens was the last man at the wheel of the Titanic. For three years I have been trying to find his final resting place and at last he is found. He is buried at Trinity Cemetery in Aberdeen in a grave with three other people. This cemetery was well known as a resting place for seamen...
  4. S

    Lord Pirrie's Grave features Olympic

    Hi, The Ulster Titanic Society has just posted a photo of Lord pirrie's Grave Stone which features a carving of Olympic. http://www.ulstertit html Belfast is a great place to visit. Olympic and Titanic's birthplace must surely be one of the warmest and kindest places...
  5. J

    Graveyard of shoes

    When the wreck of the Titanic was first located, discoverer Robert Ballard reported that he saw all kinds of shoes laying around, in pairs. Later, it was reported that passengers had left shoes out to be polished, etc. I've always believed that the shoes were what was left after the...