1. J

    Guns found in the Debris Field

    Considering that there were guns aboard Titanic, have any been found, or even recovered from, the debris field around the wreck? I ask this because Lightoller mentioned in his memoirs that when he was swimming away from the sinking ship, the gun in his pocket slowed him down so he got rid of...
  2. Dan Kappes

    Did Margaret Brown's husband really try to shoot her twice?

    I've just watched the 1996 TV mini-series Titanic and in it, the character of Hazel Foley (Eva Marie Saint) points out Molly Brown (played by Marilu Henner in this film) to Isabella Paradine (Catherine Zeta-Jones) when the Titanic is docked at Southampton and she says this quote about her...
  3. Jessie M.

    Lovejoy's Pistol

    So I know James Cameron's Titanic is chock full of errors, but I think I may have spotted another one. I just wanted to get your guys opinion before I make a complete fool of myself I'm not and never will be a person who is very knowledgeable about guns... But would this kind of pistol have...
  4. T

    History Dynamics and Legacy of the Webley Revolver

    Minus the often talked about alleged gun use on the Titanic, understanding the weapon used that night is historic and lengthy. The Mark IV used the night Titanic sank is one of many designs in this weapon's profile. From what I understand this weapon was successful for the conditions it was used...
  5. S

    License To Kill

    As we all know, in the '97 movie 1st Officer Murdoch shoots and kills two passengers who try to rush a lifeboat, then kills himself. Whether or not this actually happened will be fiercely debated until the end of time. But one thing that is not in dispute is that the senior officers did have...
  6. P

    Who was shot

    Does anybody know the names of the passengers who were shot? And how many were there, anyway? 2? 3 if you count the suicide?