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    Good sources about Titanic's connection to Halifax?

    Hello. I was looking for any good sources for connections between Titanic and Halifax. Anything and everything.
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    Canada 1912

    "Canada 1912" is the title of a chapter in my book "A White Angel" which I wrote last year and that was published in the UK by Ardnamona Publishers. The book is an historical novel about 9/11 but part of the story of the Titanic is featured and readers may like to know why. So for the records...
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    Hello everyone, I'm a newspaper editor in Halifax, N.S. as well as someone with a longstanding interest in the Titanic (now passed along to my 12-year-old daughter). I've enjoyed your site for years, so as a bit of a giving-back for the 100th anniversary, I'd like to make an offer (totally...