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    Design Staff

    Is their a list available of the Drawing Office Staff?
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  3. Sec'

    Source of great photos

    Although links to this I think are elsewhere on this site, I think it deserves a post for itself. I found a wealth of contemporary photos in high detail on the Ulster Museum's website. Its a bit hard to use, but with some searching photos of all Olympic class vessels can be found (just search...
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    Answered How long did it take to build the Titanic?

    How long was the Titanic under construction?
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    Answered Where was the Titanic built

    At which shipyard was the Titanic constructed?
  6. H

    Demolition of Titanic Belfast and other historic buildings disarray

    This thread was created after Aaron_2016 referenced on the thread Titanic: The New Evidence highlighted the recent and bizarre trend in Belfast to demolish buildings of immense historic importance to the Harland & Wolff Shipyard and Titanic in general. Houses / offices that were used by H&W...
  7. Cjwalker5

    WSL and H&W Distinctive Design Characteristics

    I'm wondering if they are any certain specific design characteristics of white star line ships that you see in most of their commissioned ships or a certain characteristic from Harland and Wolff. Most designers have a tell or signature characteristic that differentiates their style, I'm...
  8. H

    Titanic Launch: RMS Olympic in photo?

    Whilst looking on Amazon for possible Titanic books to buy in the future, I came across "Titanic and her Sisters Olympic and Britannic" by Peter Davies-Garner. a model making book describing technical details of the Olympic class vessels should you wish to build one from scratch. (Link to book...
  9. D

    Maritime Heritage Collection Harland & Wolff Question?

    Hello Everyone; I recently acquired a framed piece of art work of the Titanic. It shows side view of The Titanic and Boat Deck & Promenade Deck 'A'. It appears to be a pen and ink drawing on linen. The over all size is 39 x 28 inches. I've been able to find a few posters with the same image...
  10. J

    Harland and Wolff shipyard plans

    Does anyone know of any harland and wolff shipyard plans diagrams from 1912 or books with them inside. Please
  11. Doug Criner

    Book Review: Harland and Wolff

    Published in 2013, Tom McCluskie's book, The Rise and Fall of Harland and Wolf, is a captivating read. It describes many events, including the Titanic sinking, from the standpoint of their impact upon H&W. There are interesting photos of the shipyard, old and new, including the current state of...
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    Harland and Wolff approved 18 feet long Titanic Model. Simply Amazing.

    So, I was browsing the internet for accurate Titanic models and I come upon a model approved by Harland and Wolff, that is over 18 feet long! Here, have some info about it: The Model - The hull is a fiberglass form plated and riveted with brass plating, per the original plans, using...
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    I spend my entire life researching forgotten disasters and shipwrecks and have so far published two books and put up 4 different memorials, with many more on the way. My next project will be the liner Justicia which was a White Star Line vessel but requisitioned by the government for troop...
  14. S

    Titanic - Snagging Squad

    Hi there, My nme is Les Allan and I am from Belfast. My grandfather, Alexander Allan, was a master joiner during the construction of the Titanic. He left Belfast on board Titanic for the sea trials and the trip to Southampton as part of a snagging squad - NOT the guarantee crew. The...
  15. B

    Piece of the Harland and Wolff 200 ton crane

    I am interested in a framed or unframed piece of the Harland and Wolff 200 ton FLOATING CRANE imported from Germany by H&W to help build the Olympic-class ships. Please contact me at wsl1869@aol.com
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    Great Ship Builders or the Rise of Harland and Wolff

    Has anyone read this book by J Gordon Peirson, published in 1935?
  17. W

    Photos of Harland & Wolff

    hi, i'm looking for pics of the shipping yard to date were the titanic was built.. if any one can help i would appreciate it [Moderator's note: This post, originally posted in another thread outside of this subtopic, has been moved to here. JDT]
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    New role for Harland & Wolff shipyard

    According to this news website, H & W is to become the first shipyard in the U.K. to environmentally-friendly tear apart old ships and oil rigs for recycling: http://www.utvlive.com/newsroom/indepth.asp?id=74223&pt=n Cheers, Boz [Moderator's Note: This thread, originally placed in...
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    Harland and Wolff Coast documentary

    A mate of mine has uploaded and created a link for this programme which aired in the UK last night. You will need to save a copy to file though as it won't be online forever. You'll need the Windows Media Player to watch it, or download the VLC Media Player which plays anything. The file size...
  20. John Clifford

    Article About the Harland & Wolff Shipyard

    Here’s the www.CNN.com link: http://www.cnn.com/2005/TRAVEL/07/28/titanic.shpyard.reut/index.html about the Harland & Wolff shipyard site, and plans for its future. I really do hope for a great future, having visited Belfast in 1996 & 1998. For me, visiting the City Center/Castle Court...