harold cottam

  1. Dan Kappes

    How come Harold Cottam declined to play himself in this film?

    I read that Harold Cottam was offered a role to play as himself in this film, but he declined the offer and the part went instead to Alec McCowen. Why did Harold Cottam decline? Were the memories of the sinking still painful to him?
  2. Dan Kappes

    Conversation between Cottam and the Carpathia officer

    When the Carpathia is first seen in the film, her wireless operator Harold Cottam is seen talking to an officer on the bridge in which they say this dialogue, which I've transcribed from the Blu-Ray's subtitles: The scene can be viewed at the beginning of this video; it takes place shortly...
  3. C

    Harold Cottam video

    Hi Does anybody know if there are any videos of Harold Cottam available anywhere? And if so then where? Thanks in advance Carla
  4. R

    Harold Cottam

    i'm looking for information on the photo of Harry Cottom in Aurora Brynn's article on Wireless operators where he is pictured 'off the ship'.
  5. C

    Harold Cottam's brothers

    Hi everyone Does anyone know the names of Harold Cottam's four younger brothers? I've been searching for a long time, but I've only come up with Oscar William who was three years younger than Harold. Thanks! Carla
  6. S

    Harold Cottam

    I'm doing a moc-trial on the titanic in school, and I was given the part of Harold Cottam. I've read alot about him on thie site, but does anyone know what happened to him after the Titanic sank, also I read in a few books, that Harold Bride said the Carpathia's wireless operator was acting...
  7. M

    The testimonies of Harold Cottam and Cyril Evans

    Hey all! I have been trying to find Harold Cottam's and Cyril Evans' testimonials in the American (and British Board of Trade, if they were there) Inquiries. Here in Mr. Hind's webpage I have been able to read many testimonies of the Titanic's crew members but how could I get to read these...
  8. A

    Rare Cottam news reel footage moving picture

    Dear all- A few months ago, I bought a real cheesy Titanic gift-pack set. It came with a documentary and a hideous movie from the 1920s. The movie was so bad it was funny and the documentary was good but not great. One of those ones you can only stand to watch a couple times. The saving...