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    A Medical check for captain and officers? And would Smith even pass?

    Were there any such thing of a medical checks for crew before a voyage? Like we have today. And if not, Considering Smith's age, would he even pass if there were medicals?
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    Medical Staff

    How many medical staff (i.e nurses, doctors) were onboard the last voyage and is their anywhere where there is a list of them online??
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    Spanish Influenza Worldwide Outbreak 1918

    I had a little bird and it's name was Enza and I opened up the Window and In Flu Enza Children's song about the Spanish Influenza 1918 Okay Folks- I always wondered if any Titanic survivors or relatives of Titanic passengers got sick with the dreaded Influenza. Can any of you include...
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    Hi! I'm wondering were there Doctors employed by White Star on board, and what type of medical situations could be handled on the ship?