henry samuel morley

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    Henry Samuel Morley (Mr Henry Marshall)

    Henry Samuel Morley may have been my great grandfather, I was wondering if you would be able to provide me more information on if his body was ever found etc..
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    Kate Phillips (Mrs Henry Marshall)

    Hi, all - I've been beating out my brains trying to find out any info about 19-year od Kate Phillips who was travelling with Henry Samuel Morley in Second Class. They were supposedly running away to America to get married or some such nonsense. ANYWAY, I CANNOT find anything out about a birth...
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    Happy Birthday Ellen (daughter of Kate Phillips)

    Ellen Mary (Betty) Phillips turns 90 today. I extend my best wishes to her and for many more years of health and happiness! (Note: Betty's mother was traveling on the Titanic as the mistress of a married man, Samuel Henry Morley, who was lost in the sinking. He was the father of Ellen, one of...