1. chrismireya

    Anatomy of the Iceberg

    I was searching through the Encyclopedia Titanica forums for a thread that dealt specifically with what we know of the Titanic iceberg itself. Unfortunately, I haven't found one that focused entirely upon the anatomy of that iceberg. There are posts/threads about the various photographs which...
  2. Cam Houseman

    Was the Hull near G-Deck damaged?

    Was the Hull near G-Deck, (for example, the Mail Room) damaged in the collision? As soon, or immediately after, the Mail Room was reported to be flooding, and as we know, the Mail Clerks began to try to drag the mailbags up to Higher Ground. Being the closest Deck to the top of the waterline...
  3. chrismireya

    Did Titanic experience any angular shift when it turned hard to starboard/port?

    Did Titanic experience any roll/loll when it turned hard to starboard/port? If Titanic was at or near top velocity prior to sighting of the iceberg, is it possible that it experience any yawning or rolling during the emergency "hard to starboard" maneuver? The reason that I ask is that so many...
  4. A

    Black Iceberg

    Does anyone have any further information about the iceberg being black. Fleet testified it was a black berg and Lee said it was a grey or dark grey berg. Also a quartermaster on the foredeck testified that the berg appeared blue. Any other onformation eg other witnesses would be much...
  5. R

    When could they have seen the iceberg?

    I have seen some posts where the officers on the bridge were quoted that they reported that they had seen things before the lookouts in the crow's nest had reported seeing them. This is just what I think.: The ice berg would have been spotted best if it was just on the horizon, standing out as...
  6. K

    Icebergs while in lifeboats

    Hello all! Can anyone indicate to me who claimed they heard water splashing on bergs nearby or saw them from the lifeboats? Were there multiple witnesses to this or was it a single witness (Mr. Boxhall)?
  7. Philip Hind

    Acquitting the Iceberg

    Peter Elverhí¸i has been brave and submitted his book Acquitting the Iceberg for publication on ET. The first two parts have now gone up and we'll put up the remaining 20 or so (!) chapters at regular intervals. Peter is very keen to get constructive feedback on the book much of which are his...
  8. M

    The Iceberg

    ATTN: Sam & Jim C., I understand that you guys are discussing the eyewitness testimony in regards to the iceberg on a seperate topic. I too am intrigued by the "white monstor". A photograph, as the caption notes, bearing better pedigree than most (red paint along base), taken by the Chief...
  9. A

    Crow's nest to the bridge

    I had look things up on the net and came across some information pior about the phone call that James Moody took from the crowsnest. This may have made the impact alot less therefore Tianic may have survived this whole disarter. All this happend before the officer's even taken any...
  10. J

    Photo of Titanic Iceberg

    Back in 1998, a tabloid here in Britain named "The Daily Mirror" published supplements of it's newspspers from 1912. There were about seven in total, anyway in one of thwm there is a picture of an iceberg which has collided with something large, as there is ice littered around the base. There...
  11. A

    Which iceberg was it Ibve seen two pictures now PICTURE

    Has anyone ever reached a consensus on which iceberg Titanic hit? Is this the one, or is it the other one? Thanks.
  12. M

    The photo of the real Iceberg

    Hi. I have seen many photos that has been said to be the iceberg which Titanic hit. On there was an article about a photo which was found as late as in the year 2000. This photo is of what is said to be the real iceberg. If anyone has a photo of the real iceberg. Please...