1. I

    I need to know who this is.

    OK Im about to tell you something that actually happened to me. Im not making any of it up. Im 100% honest God as my witness. I was at a yardsale in Lexington NC of all places, and I walked up the yard to a couple old pencil paintings. One painting Ill reveal later in the story. An older lady...
  2. A

    Ship passed by the Titanic at Cowes

    I wonder if anyone is able to identify the ship on the left of this photo?
  3. K

    Niqula Nasrallah-Condition of the Body And Possible Misidentification as JJ Astor

    I ran into an article today about Niqula (Nicholas) Nasrallah purportedly being misidentified by the press as COL J.J. Astor due to Morse code miscommunication. What was the physical condition of Nasrallah's body as recovered by Mackay-Bennett?
  4. J

    Identification of drowned passengers

    Hi, l am new to your group. My grand mother, born 1881, used to tell me stories about the Titanic disaster. I've read many books and seen all the films, but l can find no stories about one of the things she told me. She said that coffins were lined up (l can't remember where) containing some of...
  5. P

    Identifying crew in photos

    I am new to this site, this is my first post. Have been interested (obsessed) with Titanic for years. There are some very interesting crew photos where individuals can be identified. There is a photo of surviving crew members on a bunch of steps outside a building, New York, I think. Reginald...
  6. M

    Stewards and other miscellaneous crew members

    When steerage passengers are hold down, a crewman arrive to aid them before Chief Officer Wilde pass order: "Women and Children up top!". Now my question is what that Crewman is? He is dressed this way: Thanks in Advance!
  7. Gaston Sam

    Walter Brice

    Not having found any single picture of him, I've been trying to identify him in any crew picture I could find. I ran into this picture shot in the aftermath of the disaster which shows some survivors of the crew: Not all of them are deck crew members, but the first two or four (from left to...
  8. Gaston Sam

    Crew Picture

    Does anybody know when and where was this picture taken?
  9. Avvie Cunnington

    May have found early photos of Harold Lowe

    I hope it's ok to post this! I apologise for the state of this photo. Had to use a phone as had no scanner. Can anyone help me with this. I bought a few sheets of photos from an Antique fair, these look like they have been taken out of a scrapbook. When i was looking through the sheets the guy...
  10. M

    Stewards and other miscellaneous crew members

    Hi there was 3 Third Class Stewards including Steward 3 , There also was Sailor with Fire Axe and two men in blue suit. And My Question is Who they are (that ones in blue jackets), If First Class Stewards or Second Class Stewards or what. Please, Please answer me.
  11. M

    Victim #185 - W. Doughty?

    Is it possible that body 185 was Mr W Doughty, he was 2nd Class Steward ( Saloon Steward ) number 20 as was body 185, he was aged 22, body 185 was estimated to be aged 25 so not far off, 185 was wearing a Steward's coat, Doughty was a Steward, if it isn't him then i think the green football...
  12. M

    Victim #24 - Bertram Terrell?

    The description of body number 24 is that it was a estimated 20 years old male, sailor, the only sailor who fits this description perfectly is Mr Bertram Terrell, 20 years old Able Seaman, is this the only possibility for that body or is there another possibility that i haven't seen?? also would...
  13. A

    Young Jewish Girl on Titanic?

    I recently discovered a photograph showing 10 supposedly Jewish survivors at a hospital after the tragedy. It includes the Moors, the Akses and the Quicks. I am hoping to identify the little girl to the left of Meier Moor and was wondering if anyone knew of any Jewish children on board that this...
  14. S

    Fr Browne Astor photo is actually Ismay

    A famous Fr Browne photo - The man on the left bears a similarity, but is NOT William Walfdorf Astor, JJ's cousin. I have checked a number of photographs. As far as I am concerned it is a theory created to fit the use of the word "Astor" in the original Fr Browne album caption, based...
  15. M

    Is this a quartermaster

    Hello everyone, In this photo of the crew in NY, it looks to me like there is a quartermaster sitting in the second row, about 3 or 4 from the left. Can anyone identify him? He reminds me of Quartermaster Perkis...?
  16. K

    Identification help needed

    Hello, I came across an interesting photo with a purported Titanic connection about six months ago. I have since been searching high and low for the source of the photograph, which was obviously pirated. The photo is of a mid-aged woman and young man. My interest is in the identification of...
  17. R

    Unknown child Sidney Goodwin

    PLEASE NOTE: It has been 100% firmly established that the "Unknown child", formerly identified as Eino Panula, is actually SIDNEY GOODWIN. This has been verified by advanced DNA testing and an analysis of shoes removed from his body which were too big to be Eino's and of British manufacture NOT...
  18. H

    False Passengers Deliberate Hoaxes

    I have recently purchased a book about all the controversal things about Titanic and her passengers/crew, (and believe me, i will be posting more threads. I think it will be interesting.) and i have come to discover a large list of some false/unsure passenger that the Carpathia picked up as...
  19. H

    Eino Panula Distant Relation To Sidney Goodwin

    I read a report of Eino's identification process, and the last two children they looked in to after the Palsson boy, were Eino and Sidney. They said that after finding out both boy's DNA, they discovered that the two shared similiar DNA on the mother's side. The researchers said it was not...
  20. S


    I read years ago that the newsboy in the famous photo of him holding up the newssheet saying Titanic Disaster. Great Loss Of Life was later killed in action serving in the British Royal Artillery in 1918.Anyone know his name and more details?