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    Spanish Influenza Worldwide Outbreak 1918

    I had a little bird and it's name was Enza and I opened up the Window and In Flu Enza Children's song about the Spanish Influenza 1918 Okay Folks- I always wondered if any Titanic survivors or relatives of Titanic passengers got sick with the dreaded Influenza. Can any of you include...
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    Was Pirrie really sick

    A lot of people I'm sure have read that Lord Pirrie left Belfast because of sickness in 1912 and had to have an operation. Was he really sick or was just using this as an excuse to get away from the political situation in Belfast. He chose Nationalism which was not popular with the majority...
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    Survivors' untimely deaths

    Morning everyone, This subject has more than likely been brought up in another thread so I apologise beforehand if I'm going over old ground. I recently read a book about a British passenger ship which was torpedoed during WW2 and the survivors were eventually rescued from their lifeboats...