1. Aurélien WOLFF

    whatever is left of the stern interior today?

    Hello, compare to the bow who's less damaged, I wonder how much of the stern interior is left considering how it sank. I'll have to chec if any of the recent expedition have done interior exploration of the stern. Thanks for your answers!
  2. Zhang Beichen

    Definition and introduction of each interior style?

    Good day, pals. I'm fascinated with those fancy interior styles of the suites on the Titanic, and I can rarely find the specific definition of them. Could you please introduce them? THX
  3. C

    Making a model and need help with accommodations

    Hey, I'm making a 3d model of Titanic, much like that from THG. I'm at the point where I'm working on the interior and need to figure out what the numbers below the room number mean. I originally thought it indicated the style the room was decorated in, but I'm starting to question myself and I...
  4. James T. Shorter


    What Styles did the Titanic have I know about the Victorian era style but I don't know much about the other could anyone provide any detalies about what the decorations would have been I hope to create some drawings and renders with the info I collect. -JT Shorter
  5. Richard

    Sending an ROV deep into the ship

    I suggest sending a remotely operated vehicle deep inside the Titanic. Most of the footage is of the outside. Going deep inside the Titanic would be extremely interesting. We would be seing things for the first time ever. No human life would be endangered and apparently there is still woodwork...