1. H

    Harland Duzen Introducing Myself (Finally)

    I been here for nearly a year and a half, but still haven't introduced myself. Better late than never... Hello everyone, My name is Harland Duzen (pronounced as Du-zan) although everyone here will probably know me by my pen-name of "Martin Tyne" which I since changed* to my new real name. I...
  2. T

    Hey, TitanicNerd Here!

    So, I am a TitanicNerd and as my name implies, am I a greatly interested in Titanic. I spend all day studying and studying about new things about Titanic, and most of the time I find out more about things I already know! I call my Titanic addiction TCD, which stands for Titanic Compulsive...
  3. Philip Hind


    Welcome to the new forum. Yes... a bit confusing. Quite a lot to learn. But hopefully, in the long run, a much more useful and versatile place to post information, ask questions and generally mull over all things Titanic related. Please use this topic are to get help with the new forum. Ask...