jacques futrelle

  1. Dave Gittins

    Jacques Futrelle

    For those who wonder what the famous Titanic victim's work was like, go to Jacques Futrelle for a collection of stories. I've not read any yet. I wonder how he compares with Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes.
  2. R

    Two friends May Futrelle and Rene Harris

    Novelist May (Mrs. Jacques) Futrelle in 1962 Producer Rene (Mrs. Henry B.) Harris in 1968
  3. K

    Futrelle The High Hand signed by the author

    Just a couple of days ago, on the Internet, I stumbled on a copy of Futrelle's 1909 book, "The High Hand", signed by the author - and although I contacted the seller right away to ask for a digital photo of the inscription, I was told that the book had already been sold. Despite the price...
  4. R

    Futrelle family photos and clippings

    Here are some links to pictures and newspaper stories re: Jacques Futrelle and his wife from a site I just found that has been put up by members of the Futrelle family. (The articles, including interviews with May Futrelle in later life, seem out of sequence and incomplete but are still very...
  5. Encyclopedia Titanica

    May Peel Futrelle

  6. J

    Futrelle and Hoyt cabins

    I don't think that the Futrelles were in C-123 because Steward Cunningham was the steward in that area and he said all the cabins in that area were occupied and C-123 was not one of them. The Hoyt's cabin, C-93, also in that area was not mentioned. Is it possible that they moved to another cabin...