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  1. PCLAD1

    Quotes from James Cameron's Titanic Explorer

    Here is a link to all of the quotes you will hear in the game: Link to video
  2. marina_irc

    Wilde as an exemplar of British chivalry?

    Would Wilde be remembered as a great exemplar of heroic chivalry in the universe of Titanic? I've always thought it seemed likely. Think about the situation where he is found -- Rose is recovered alive alongside his body. She's the only woman passenger taken from the water alive, and indeed one...
  3. Sarah S

    How much did Cameron research the 3rd class passengers?

    Hello everyone I’m asking specifically because of a certain scene when Jack and Rose try to find their way to the boat deck. They pass by an apparent muslim family in 3rd class, the woman wearing a muslim veil covering her hair and shouting „yallah yallah“. Now all the research done with...
  4. thekingandthejester

    Happy medium between Kenneth More and Jonny Phillips?

    After doing lots of reading on Lights, and of course obsessively watching both Cameron's Titanic and ANTR, I still have lots of questions about his characterization in media. Who got his characterization right, or at least the most accurate?
  5. Gazz

    Is Titanic James Cameron's Best Film?

    Hi all, just popping in to post a video review of Titanic, the film that singlehandedly kickstarted my interest in the disaster as well as continuing my love affair with Cameron's movies. On the last watch through I actually came to realise that this is probably Cameron's best film and certainly...
  6. Jason D. Tiller

    News James Cameron Admits He Got the Sinking of the Titanic 'Sort of Half Right' in 1997 Blockbuster

    James Cameron has been on a decades-long mission to determine how accurately his 1997 film Titanic depicted the sinking of the actual RMS Titanic — and he's found Titanic was "wrong on one point or the other."...
  7. WHWHudson

    Did The Second Funnel Ever Fall In The James Cameron Movie?

    I recently rewatched James Cameron's titanic and I noticed that the second funnel never falls. In some Scenes, you can see the top of the funnel in the water. Does anyone know If It Fell In The Movie Or Not??
  8. Jason D. Tiller

    News Why James Cameron Was Sued Over Titanic

    Titanic wasn't safe from controversy, and James Cameron was involved in a bizarre lawsuit for "stealing" the movie's story. Here's what happened. https://screenrant.com/titanic-movie-james-cameron-lawsuit/
  9. Jason D. Tiller

    News SHIP HAS SAILED Where Titanic stars are now – ‘wrongful death’ to James Cameron ‘affair’ & unrecognisable child star who quit showbiz

    ITS release in 1997 was far from a shipwreck - Titanic sailed into the record books with 11 Oscars and a box office haul of £2.2billion. https://www.thesun.ie/tvandshowbiz/9161405/titanic-stars-now-david-warner-dead/
  10. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic: A Closer Look at How James Cameron Filmed the Historic Blockbuster

    In 1997, Hollywood was soaking in the tides that Titanic made in cinema. The groundbreaking success of the movie was thanks to its touching love story around the renowned luxurious ship that sailed its maiden voyage and sank in April 1912. More than a century later, director James Cameron, the...
  11. Jason D. Tiller

    News ‘Titanic’: Leonardo DiCaprio Really Rubbed James Cameron the Wrong Way During His Audition

    As many know, Leonardo DiCaprio and James Cameron came together to deliver the mega-blockbuster Titanic. It may be difficult to imagine anyone else in the role of Titanic’s Jack Dawson, but Cameron initially wasn’t sold on DiCaprio. It didn’t help that DiCaprio made a bad impression on Cameron...
  12. Jason D. Tiller

    News James Cameron's Titanic Ignored One Of The Best Real Life Characters

    James Cameron's Titanic has some characters based on real-life passengers of the ship, but it ignored one of the best ones. Here's her story. https://screenrant.com/titanic-movie-true-story-ella-holmes-white-ignored/ Edit: The photo is not of Ella White but of her companion and committed...
  13. The Six 六人 - James Cameron Interview

    The Six 六人 - James Cameron Interview

    Interview with James Cameron executive producer of The Six
  14. Jason D. Tiller

    News Titanic Fan Recreation Looks As Good As James Cameron's Movie

    A recent fan-made digital recreation of the "flying" shot in James Cameron's hit film Titanic is practically indistinguishable from the original. https://screenrant.com/titanic-movie-flying-scene-recreation-vfx-fan-video/
  15. Jason D. Tiller

    News James Cameron Fixed One Titanic Scene 15 Years After Release

    Titanic isn't entirely accurate, but there's one detail that James Cameron changed for the 3D re-release of the movie, 15 years later. https://screenrant.com/titanic-rose-star-scene-james-cameron-change-reason/
  16. Duquesa

    Lifeboat Launch Sequence and Capacity

    I've always found the launching of lifeboats in the Titanic film a bit confusing, mainly because some boats stop in time, others take the place of other boats in historical matters, and so on. In real life, we all know that the launch of boats on the davits was this, correct me if I'm wrong...
  17. Cam Houseman

    What is your favorite line from the 1997 Titanic movie?

    I don't know why, but I like when the man in the Lifeboat (Boxhall, I think) says, "Bloody Pull Faster and PULL!" oh, and I like Murdoch's line after seeing A-Deck awash, "Gets those Davits cranked in. Get the falls hooked up!". You really get the sense they're getting desperate
  18. Cam Houseman

    What is Bob Ballard's Opinion on James Cameron, and Vice versa?

    The Kings of Titanic, I guess. (even though Ballard was Co-Founder on the expedition) What are their views on each other?
  19. Cam Houseman

    Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron (2012)

    I think its pretty good, but what are your thoughts and criticism?