james paul moody

  1. Thomas Krom

    Where was sixth officer Moody between 1:41 and 2:10?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, For my first post in 2022 I wanted to start a thread on a question I’ve been wondering after I’ve started to work on a timeline for a couple of friends of mine. After 12 o’clock sixth officer Moody assisted with the preparation of the lifeboats and assisted with...
  2. Sara S

    Moody did not want to join Titanic?

    Hello! On Wikipedia it says that James Moody did not want to serve on the titanic and sent request to leave, which he was denied. Is this really true? Was Moody not happy to join the highly anticipated and cherished maiden voyage of the biggest ship of that time? I have read that all the other...
  3. A

    Moody with others?

    I've never seen photographs of 6th officer Moody with other officers and family members. There are only portraits photographs of him only in his unifrom and one in casual wear posing on his own. He was 5th officer on a smaller vessel before titanic, so how come there is no photos of him posing...
  4. Cindy B

    Mr. Selby / Concerning the Seaman's Mission

    Greetings to you all! :) First of all - I hope you are all fine and well in health? I have a question on a rather particular matter - and thought that it might be worth a proper discussion. Briefly combing through the message board I couldn't find a suitable contribution in the existing...
  5. Toma

    Did Moody commit suicide?

    Hello, dear forum members! I have just registered on ET, so for the time being I don’t know much about the system, and if I did something wrong, I apologize in advance. Perhaps this topic has already been raised earlier, but I still could not find the answer to my question: was there really an...
  6. K

    Moody's Final Scene in James Cameron's 'Titanic'

    I know this has been asked a lot, but we don't know the whereabouts of Officer Moody before the ship went down, correct? From Officer Lowe's testimony that seems to be the last anyone saw of him. I was rewatching James Cameron's film 'Titanic' (mainly the sinking scenes and after, searching...
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  8. J Burdette

    James Paul Moody- Anglican?

    I didn't see a thread for Moody up here yet (Still being transferred) and so I hope I'm not out of line in posting this thread. I was wondering about Moody's religious affiliation. Was it Anglican? This picture here: James Paul Moody (1887 - 1912) - Find A Grave Photos seems to 'look' either...